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  1. @AKinLA haven't heard from them... last yeat they sent out interviews on Feb. 15th-ish. I applied to Stanford last year and got rejection on 2/25.... so I'm assuming rejection at this point... I've emailed them asking whether they have already sent out interview requests, but didn't get a response...
  2. Aaaahhhhh... bye UW... but congrats to you!! @Causofit
  3. @hastr683 me too!! Thought it was weird and didn't accept it though... don't wanna get my hopes up so early. Probably means nothing.
  4. @Poodle-Doodle are you waiting for U of Washington? if so, I've applied to U of Washington too... Last year's interview requests seem to be around 15th, so I'm starting to lose hope.. I just sent an email to them asking if they have sent out interview requests yet.
  5. So I guess this is it for this week... I'm still waiting for U of Washington and Stanford (and VCU, but it seems like they have already sent out the invitations... although haven't seen sculpture person...) From last year's forum UW and Stanford both sent out interview request around 15th, so I guess... I don't know. Lost all hopes...
  6. From what I have read on this thread, VCU seems to already have sent out interview requests... but just to make sure... has any sculpture person got emails?
  7. I think U of Washington just started review process... just got a hit on my videos...
  8. Has anyone heard anything from Stanford, U of Michigan, Rutgers, UCLA, VCU, U of Washington and MICA?
  9. They usually have grace period for letters.. depends on the school but about a week in most cases(l've emailed some schools cause of that) you should contact the school to find out the exact date.
  10. About gifts... I didn't know that was a thing, what should I give to a professor living far far away?(like 12hour flight far) and should I send the gift to his office?
  11. Has anyone heard from Stanford? wonder what's taking so long... especially wheb their deadline was in early december.
  12. Isn't the yale deadline Jan. 4th 11:59pm??
  13. So something slightly irrelevent to the admissions but I'm posting anyway cause I'm sick of looking at my statement:) I've thinking about how I'm going to pay for all the rent, tuition and everything. And thought living in a car might be a great way to save up some money. I have a studio now and I basically come in at 9am and stay in my studio till 10pm. So that minus the commuting time, I'm only spending about 7 hrs/day at home!!! Spending $1000 on rent sounds absurd to me when all I'll be doing at that place will be sleeping. any thoughts, experiences or suggestions?? Will I break my spine while sleeping in a car?
  14. How many schools are you guys applying to? This is my second year and my list is keep growing... and growing. Now it's eleven and I'm considering adding three more schools. and why am I double spacing???