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  1. YES!!!!! Congratulations on your decision! And I'm 95% sure we'll be cohort-mates, as I anticipate making my decision just after the visit day. Very much looking forward to meeting you! Thanks, too, for the offer to answer questions re: Toronto — as a Vancouverite, Toronto is a huge mystery to me, so I will almost surely be taking you up on that/pestering you with questions in the coming months.
  2. Sorry for the late reply — but yes, I am definitely leaning towards UofT! Just booked my flights for visit day, and have been giddily researching the university / city. ETA: I'm also seeing a lot of recent Boston College MA admits on the results board! If anyone here is considering the program, free to message me with questions.
  3. Anybody know where those Yale rejections are at? They're the last ones I have to hear from, and I'm eager to have all my results back. An unexpected and miraculous waitlist from them is the only thing that could complicate my decision at this point.
  4. The unsuccessful e-mails I sent last cycle went something along the lines of "Hey, I'm erosanddust, are you taking on new students next year, and also here's my unsolicited thoughts about why your work is great, and also here's too much information about my own interests." Needless to say, not many responses there. I cringe in retrospect — although I did get a few generous responses saying they hope I apply to the program / pointing me towards other Department resources that might interest me. Even so, do not recommend. The successful e-mail I sent came after working closely with the POI's book. I was able to ask them a good question about it, and then briefly explain the reason for my particular interest (ie. the current paper/project I was hoping to connect their work to). Then we had a brief back-and-forth during which I explained I was applying to programs, and the POI expressed interest in working with me. This cycle, I met two POIs in person, largely due to luck. Needless to say, if you happen to have the chance to attend a lecture or conference presentation by a particular POI, do so — and introduce yourself.
  5. In editing your app materials (especially the SOP), don't be afraid to "kill your darlings," as it were. I kept in a few lines/sections that I wrote in early drafts that I thought were really engaging/well-phrased, but in retrospect, they were distracting from the main project that more evolved SOP drafts were articulating. During the waiting period, I spent a lot of time kicking myself for not taking those sections out. Ask several professors to look at your application materials and give you feedback. I asked ~5 professors both in my field and outside of it to read my SOP and/or WS. I got a lot of very helpful feedback that helped me see my materials from a wider range of perspectives. In my experience, making contact with POIs does make a difference. Last cycle, I made superficial contact with a few POIs at my top choice programs. The most substantial of those exchanges was with a POI at the program where I ended up doing my MA. This round, my contact with POIs focused more expressly on our shared interests. The two PhD programs that did not reject me (one an acceptance, one a waitlist) are the two schools where I have met POIs, and was able to mention in my SOPs that they had expressed interest in my research.
  6. I have unexpectedly found myself on a wait list! Is it acceptable to ask them for more information about wait list length / likelihood of admission / campus visits?
  7. Yay! Looking forward to meeting you. I also do post-1945 stuff, so I'm interested to hear about your research interests! Also, I had mentally categorized it as a rejection, so I'm stunned to have just received notice that I'm waitlisted at Boston University!
  8. After waiting through a painful number of rejections, I woke up to an acceptance from the University of Toronto! Absolutely thrilled, and totally in shock since I was already steeling myself to apply again next year. @ThePomoHipster Congrats to you! Will I see you at the visit day?
  9. Congrats on all the recent good news! As a Vancouverite who very seriously considered attending UBC for my MA, I'm especially excited to see those acceptances. It's a wonderful department.
  10. Well, it seems like this'll be a big week for notifications. Sincerely wishing everyone here the best of luck — at finding an acceptance in your inbox, I hope, but if not, at finding some peace and a sense of vocation/fulfillment that transcends this PhD application cycle.
  11. You're right that it will certainly vary, but most literature classes I've been in have typically assigned one primary text (be it a novel, play, or group of poems) and 1-2 related articles or chapters of theory/criticism per week. If you join any extracurricular research or reading groups, those often bring additional weekly/biweekly reading too.
  12. Some admits get full tuition scholarships, and all MA students are eligible for teaching assistant/fellow positions in their second year (an additional $8,000 - $12,000). Many students are also able to pursue other graduate assistantships or tutoring positions outside the Department for additional funding in their first year. I'm currently in the program and would be happy to chat over PM if you have further questions!
  13. I can claim one of those Iowa rejections (my fifth one, alas! ) -- though I don't know that I have any helpful, additional info. I got a nice e-mail from the AdComm chair saying I hadn't been admitted, and he noted that the size of the incoming cohort had been reduced "quite markedly this year" due to job market considerations. Whether that means a few acceptances have gone out and they're just not on GC, or whether acceptances are forthcoming, I'm not sure.
  14. Yes, NYU offers some MA admits a 50% tuition scholarship and some a 75% tuition scholarship. My impression, having been offered one last year, was that these scholarships are not dependent on teaching/service (although I didn't attend the program, so I can't say for sure). I'll add that Boston College offers some MA students a 50% tuition scholarship and some a full tuition scholarship. Again, these are not dependent on service, although there many opportunities for teaching assistantships/fellowships for an additional stipend (an amount equivalent to about 50% tuition). Graduate assistantships are also available in many other offices/programs on campus.
  15. Congrats on your acceptance!! I'm currently an MA student there so while I know less about the logistical particulars of the PhD program, I'd also be happy to answer any questions you have about the Department, etc.