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  1. Are you talking purely for rent? Depends on your circumstances if you want roommates or not. Most apartments range 1 bedroom in SD from 1,000-2,000 a month..
  2. I am doing the same thing. I am looking at moving with a moving container. It's super easy. They drop the container off at your house and you pack it up and then they pick it up and drop it off at your new house/ apartment when you're ready to move. The cost is anywhere between 1-2,000 but depending on the amount of furniture you'd be moving it could be worth it in the end. I calculated the cost to buy a new bed, couch, tv, all the big stuff that won't fit in my car. It would be WAY more expensive then just moving it.
  3. To me, it seems like school Y may be the place for you. it's important to have that support system and it seems like the professor you'd work under is willing to take you under their wing. Furthermore, you'd be enhancing your educational development at the university because it targets exactly what you're interested in.
  4. I'm from San Diego and my family lives up in Portland and Washington (various parts). I spent a month up there and wow it was beautiful but I couldn't do it with the rain.... I was ready to come home.
  5. Ahhh positive vibes sent your way!
  6. As stated above, GPA and GRE are huge components. With that being said, you may want to look into programs that look at the applicant at their entirety before rejecting them. I know a lot of my programs I applied to have this "unspoken rule" of looking at GRE & GPA at the admissions office level and if you have below the criteria they want, they reject you right away. If you pass their criteria, you go through to the SLP department. Find out if the school does this, and if they do, don't apply. Apply to a school where the SLP department looks at everything.
  8. So happy for you yay yay
  9. This is so funny you asked because I was wondering this too, so much so that I asked the student during interview days. They said clinical days you do dress up but on regular days, "bum like status" is totally acceptable. One girl said she looks night and day on clinical versus class days to the extent she wears big baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants with no make up. I definitely think it might depend on the program though.
  10. Regarding your LOR, I took leveling courses in an online setting. EMAIL THEM! Set up video chats or phones calls. 2/3 of my letters came from online professors and they were very strong. Also, when you give them information, don't be afraid to tell them personal stuff such as, your struggle getting into grad school along with what you do in your free time and also a resume. My academic professors wrote very personal LOR. It is very possible!!
  11. That's awesome!! I am a SLPA too! I hope you hear back soon!
  12. Thought I'd start a forum about the universities you've been accepted to and then maybe listing some pros and cons of each... I know there are some of us that are starting to get acceptances and waitlists rolled in and some people have visited campus, met faculty so it may help us decide where to choose for our future grad program..?
  13. Well that's a little freaking rude...
  14. Have you not heard back either? When were you interviewed?
  15. I AGREE! Holy cow, one of my recommenders literally submitted it the day of. & I think she got annoyed with me because I kept emailing her SO often checking in. If I could do it over, I would've done this!!!