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  1. No way!!! I got into Toronto for the 2 year program too! So pumped!! Last name starts with M Good luck everyone
  2. Fingers and toes crossed that we will find out next week then!
  3. pics or it didn't happen
  4. Really?!? I feel the opposite. I feel like the site is down and my admission status has already been changed but I just can't see it hahahaha
  5. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. You log into SGS and under application summary, you will find your student number. You then go to the rosi website and put in your student number. the password is your birthday YYMMDD Hope this helps!!
  7. I remember reading somewhere that we will be notified via email! Probably for the best so we don't refresh the same page over and over again hahah
  8. Preach! I needed to read this. Heads up that they also sent out rejection letters for Carleton 2 year program. I got my email yesterday saying I was unsuccessful. I'm disappointed but trying not to let it get me down. I plan on eating some Ben and Jerry's today (maybe the whole jar?) #selfcare
  9. I think the Mental Health stream might be the most competitive at U of T based on past forum creeping lol
  10. Thanks Roxxx! I am waiting to hear back from Carleton, U of T and Laurier for the 2 year program. I have been working as an addiction counsellor for three years. I also have research experience with the government on mental health programs for police officers. I have a few volunteer roles too. I am hoping to stay local and get into Carleton. Fingers crossed. I know last year everyone found out on February 11th for both advanced standing and 2 year programs so it should be any day now. I know that Carleton got hacked in December so that may slow things down a bit. Only time will tell !
  11. Wondering if anyone has heard from Carleton yet? I applied for the two year program and they typically let people know around mid to late February based on what I have read in the forums from 2016/2015. I know it's not mid Feb just yet but I'm curious!
  12. Should I already have a ROSI account? Because I don't as far as I know. Was I supposed to have made one during the application process. My SGS says under review and I applied for the two year program Just kidding!! I figured it out - mine also says "no registration history" and I submitted my application almost a month before the deadline. I wouldn't worry about it! They're just being slow pokes
  13. I like! I talked about compassion fatigue in mental health workers and how to support them
  14. There might be a lot of quiet onlookers. That was me for years. I creeped the forum but didn't post ever hahah
  15. All documents must be submitted by the 15th unfortunately