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  1. I got into the first three of those. Let me know if you need help this cycle
  2. If it's only 1k extra a semester, how many hours of extra work is it? For such a low amount, I can't imagine it's that many hours....
  3. Anyone else coming?
  4. Anyone else PhDing there in the fall?
  5. Acceptances you had: UCONN, Albany, Umass Amherst Research Area: Women and Children issues, Middle East, Military Families Final Choice: Umass Reason: I really liked the faculty there. The drive wasn't horrible (unlike Albany), and it was a top 30 program (unlike UCONN).
  6. In the end the real choices were UCONN, Albany, and Umass Amherst. I'll be with Umass
  7. I finally got all my answers yesterday. Today I am accepting and declining
  8. I know, some people have accepted places, but no one came in :/
  9. So I never heard from Brandies at all...
  10. IDK, but I was accepted there, and will likely be declining in about 2 weeks, once I finish my other visits.
  11. Oh that would be a good program! If your next on the waitlist it very well could happen esp after the April 15th deadline. I got off the Umass Amherst waitlist, so it does happen Sidenote: I got a rejection at Northeastern (Poli Sci) which was a HUGE surprise since I had gone to a two day event they invited me to... and when I spoke really expensively will my POI there he basically had eluded to admission being more of a formality at this point.... and had even started talking offers of increasing the funding to match other offers I have. Apparently the old line rings true that nothing is real till it's on paper... I also just got an email from ALbany now where I had already been accepted but waitlisted on funding saying I'm now near the top of that wait list and they think some will be opening up soon.
  12. What school? Good luck!
  13. Where? I got on the portal and all mine still says is submitted :/
  14. This is me with Yale and Brandies. Yale I've assumed is a rejection, but the other is really weird. Even the board only has one acceptance and nothing else.
  15. Hi Guys! Thought it would be nice to have a thread of people actually listing where they've decided on once they accept an offer. We may even find our future classmates in here! So, once you've accepted an offer, fill this out for in there! Acceptances you had: Research Area: Final Choice: Reason: