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  1. I will go to Carleton for PhD!
  2. E-mail said that funding is limited for international students. I will follow up with an e-mail asking about possible future or external funding as well as TA and RA opportunities.
  3. I received 3 results in a span of an hour. It's the most stressful thing ever. I was waitlisted by Alberta which was a bit unexpected. They said they will contact me around April again. I also received an unofficial offer from Carleton. The catch is that the offer is unfunded so I don't really know what to think about it. I will be sending a long mail filled with questions about future funding to them.
  4. Did you receive an offer from Alberta without an interview?
  5. Congrats to everyone that got accepted to Toronto. I received a rejection from them, my third one overall. I really can't figure out what is hurting me during this application cycle.
  6. @existential cowboi congratulations on your offers. I am waiting to hear from McMaster too. Hopefully soon! I assume the process for foreign students the process is a bit more longer.
  7. Anyone claiming the McMaster acceptance?
  8. I remember seeing it as a part of admissions process. They also have great funding packages.
  9. Just received a general e-mail from Alberta. Apparently they received 108 application (MA and PhD combined) and their new application system is glitchy which makes it hard for them to process the data. Mail said that their committee will meet first week of March and they will start inviting people for Skype interviews.
  10. According to the previous results it should start coming soon.
  11. @Volition I checked the portal and it said not admitted. No letter or anything. I specialize in Comparative and IR.
  12. Well I received another rejection. This time from UVic.
  13. I am expecting to hear from Victoria soon. The deadlines were roughly similar to York so it should be rolling in couple of days.
  14. Just received my rejection from York. I just checked the portal and it said "reviewed - unsuccessful". I am really devastated about this. I guess I'd been dreaming for too long.
  15. Good luck with the rest of your applicatons @Pahi. Let's keep this topic updated