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  1. Hey! Even I am having a chem GRE score in that range, I just wanted to know whether you reported this score or took the subject GRE again? Your reply would really help me!!!!!
  2. Even I thought of not reporting this score. But UCI and Cornell require the subject GRE scores for international students. I have already submitted my application for these 2 few days back and only yesterday got my result. How important is subject GRE for the application?
  3. Hi everyone , I just got my GRE chemistry scores - 30%, significantly lower than what I expected.I am applying for a PhD in organic chemistry for Fall-2017 and Chem GRE is highly recommended by all the universities that I am applying to. Should I report this score? Here is the list: Cornell, UIUC, UCI, UCLA, Yale, Columbia, Pittsburgh.
  4. Does anyone have a study plan for CHEMISTRY Subject GRE for 1 month? Or an elaborated syllabus for the CHEM SUBJECT GRE ???Please do Share.
  5. Hey everybody! I have completed my M.Sc. degree in 2016, I'm applying for grad school in organic chemistry for Fall 2017. Brief resume: Integrated MSc at Birla institute of technology Mesra,Ranchi,India GPA: 8.6(on a scale of 10); chemGPA:9 (on a scale of 10); GRE 156V/159Q; chemGRE - have to write yet. 1 summer's research experience and final dissertation project(6- months) First author on a paper submitted to Structural Chemistry-Springer(in review);Third author on a paper accepted in BMCL. Is my GRE score enough if I want to get into the best schools? How about this school list ? Caltech, UC Berkeley, UCI, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia,Yale, University of Illinois urbana Are there any chances that I can get into these schools?
  6. Hi I am in the final year of my master's and I decided to apply for PhD programs in education, but my GRE score is not good. V: 144, Q: 161, AWA: 3.0 Unfortunately, I don't have to time to re-take the exam this year. Should I re-take the exam in Feb and apply for Spring-2016 or give more time for preparation and go for Fall-2017? I also have to take Subject GRE. What to do?...