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  1. I'm all here for this conversation. My husband plans to move with me to Florida from NJ, so we're gearing up to have all those talks about relocating, including what the job market looks like in Gainesville. May - July is going to be a whirlwind.
  2. The paperwork is in! I'm officially headed to U of Florida in August~! Will anyone else be down in the heat with me?
  3. So excited for the future Cornellians!! Though I was there for undergrad, I loved almost everything about my experience and I hope you will too. Their library system is one of the best (in my humble opinion) and you should definitely check out some of the libraries not related to your discipline. (One of my favorites was the Ag Library - Mann.)
  4. This thread is getting me through the work day, seriously. This is by far the most important part of moving and starting a program. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. (What, me? A crazy cat lady who works with cat adoptions? Pish posh.)
  5. Ahhhhh!!! Congratulations!!! This is so, super wonderful!!! I hope you've been in celebration mode since the acceptance came through~~
  6. If it's any consolation, the U of Florida is all the way down at #67th. Then again, I'm totally fine with an 'alternative career', so perhaps this doesn't stress me as much as it could/should?
  7. Thanks @Sam7mie - I heard from them a couple Saturdays ago I hope you received good news.
  8. @Yanaka - I used a portion of my master's thesis and did use a short introductory blurb explaining what the full thesis was like and what was left out of the sample. I can send you what I used, if that would be of use to you. Just shoot me a PM
  9. Just wanted to chime in quickly here. As was said above, all of our circumstances are different, and there are a lot of diverse ways you can spend this time away from school that could be valuable to you. I took 'gap years' between my BA & MA, as well as between my MA and (potential) PhD. Though, admittedly, these gaps were because I needed to figure out my next steps (and because living in NJ doesn't pay for itself). Each stint was about two or three years and I worked at jobs completely unrelated to academia. It's 100% feasible to make good use of your time away from school! I think laying out some goals/target can be very helpful, even if they're somewhat arbitrary. (I like self imposed deadlines.) TBH, I think that the 3 years since I graduated from my MA have been some of my most successful and productive years. Read new things that tickle your fancy, write new things for your own benefit - who knows what gem you may stumble upon that opens your whole world? Also, see if your alma mater offers access to online resources (like JSTOR, Muse, etc.) for their alumni - this has really been invaluable for conducing my own research. Especially since I don't live close to either of my previous schools. Some local schools may also offer guest access, if you live far away like I do.
  10. Good Luck @Yanaka! And many congratulations to @Silabus and @positivitize!!!! 'Woot-woot's all around!
  11. I was accepted to the University of Florida today!!! I got the call while on the way to the airport and had to pull over/let my fiancé drive. I may cry on the plane... Also may have audibly squealed while talking with the DGS. (Super professional, I know.) Once I have more info, I'll be sure to share! Ahhhh so happy!!!
  12. You and me both!
  13. I'm waiting on the U of Florida too. When I spoke to the DGS, I was told they will be sending out info in 'early March'. I'm hoping we'll hear in the next 2 weeks.
  14. For those of us on the wait-list, could you share your thoughts upon your return?