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  1. My advisor is purchasing a Mac laptop for me, and I'm looking for some input on my options. I can choose from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook. Does anyone have any recommendations? For reference, I'm in a psychology program and will be using the computer for paper writing, reading, data analysis, etc- nothing that requires a ton of power.
  2. Sorry if that was unclear- I meant volunteering in addition to your research project. There's absolutely nothing wrong with volunteering, and the vast majority of people I know volunteered in labs to gain additional experience on top of their honours/research courses. Speaking from experience, I spent a year volunteering in a lab after finishing my undergrad, and I would not have gotten into clinical without the experience I gained there. It sucks that you can't do a thesis, but your fourth year research project should be just as good. Many schools don't offer research courses other than an honours thesis, which is probably why the thesis is less restricted at those schools.
  3. Doing your fourth year project in a social psych lab should be fine. The quality of your experience is much more important than the topic. If possible, try to join a lab where undergrads often get the chance to publish or present at conferences. Also, since you're in Toronto, it might be a good idea to look into joining a more clinically focused lab at one of the major hospitals or one of the other U of T campuses/other universities. The honours thesis is kind of the bare minimum for Canadian schools, and most successful applicants I know were involved in more than one lab.
  4. Hi guys hope you don't mind a question from an incoming grad student. How important are MA SSHRC awards in obtaining a doctoral award? I've been told that getting a CGS-M gives you a large advantage when applying for the doctoral level scholarships, but I'm curious to know what your experience has been. Thanks!
  5. Do any of you know if you can be awarded OGS at a school that rejected you? I know it happens frequently with the tri-council awards.
  6. Lol same, I think they're sending our rejections by mail 🙄
  7. Finally got my rejection from ryerson... only about 2 months after everyone else
  8. I know of people who've gotten SSHRC off the waitlist, if you applied to them. I assume it's a harder to get CIHR if you're waitlisted since they tend to have fewer awards available.
  9. I accepted my offer online. I think most schools have an online portal where you can see your application status and accept/decline offers. I also emailed my future supervisor, as well as the program administrator because that was requested in my acceptance letter. I don't think it's necessary to send a formal letter!
  10. They've sent out their acceptances already, and a lot of people apparently got rejections like a month ago. I haven't heard anything either since a preliminary interview, so I don't know if they're just sending out rejections really slowly, or I'm waitlisted, etc.
  11. Congrats it's so great to see people getting in off wait lists!
  12. That sucks I think you're definitely justified in asking when so many other programs have a later deadline... the common deadline for accredited programs was created to avoid this problem! And I don't know how they expect waitlisted people to make their decisions on such short notice. Best of luck Fingers crossed that it works out for you but if not, at least you have an acceptance in hand!
  13. I think the deadline for a lot of schools is actually April 18th, presumably because the 15th is a Saturday. Could this be the case for the school where you're accepted?
  14. A lot of Canadian schools look only at your last two years... Do you think you could do another full-time year of undergrad psychology courses and reasonably expect to get 3.9-4.0? I would check with schools first, though, to make sure that they would count this as one of your last two years. You could also consider doing a masters in experimental psych before applying to MA/PhD programs. I think the most important thing for you to do right now is talk to any clinical faculty members you know to get their opinions.
  15. Do you know how many people got in in the first round?