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  1. There's just so many myths flying around. I've heard people tell me that if I didn't have a publication, good luck getting in anywhere. I've had people tell me that with my 2 national conference presentations + 3 regional conference presentations, that I'm a shoe-in. I've had people tell me to do research work only in my area of interest; I've had people tell me to broaden my horizons and get lots of different experiences. I would reach out to grad students at specific institutions you're looking at and ask if you can ask them a few questions. Most of them have been happy to help me out with the nuances of their particular school.
  2. Whoaaa, Baylor is crazy hard to get in, congrats!!
  3. Accepted across the board! Will be starting at Texas State this summer. Congrats everyone so far!
  4. Hi there. Some PhD programs that I'm looking into offer a general GRE waiver if the applicant has already obtained a masters degree (with a sufficiently high GPA). If these cases, is it a good idea to take the waiver? Or is it better to CYA and submit the GRE scores anyways (I guess to prove that you don't have anything to hide)?
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Congrats!! Super tough program to get in. You'll love Boston!
  7. School: Texas State UniversityProgram: MA Clinical Mental Health CounselingDate of Notification: 03/09/2017Method of Notification: Email. At 10pm, no less!Thoughts: Overwhelming relief! As some of you may know, I had to withdraw from my other masters program (at BU School of Medicine) due to financial hardship. I was so terrified I couldn't get in anywhere to complete my studies, haha. This is a very well respected program in the state. Still waiting to hear back from Univ of Houston (my top choice) but still overjoyed I have at least one acceptance.
  8. Damn masters programs are killing me with the waiting. I know it's only been a month since the deadline but I'm so antsy I check the application portal like 5x a day lol...
  9. Try some courses on edX too! Here's a good one specifically for the social sciences: https://www.edx.org/course/data-analysis-social-scientists-mitx-14-310x-1
  10. I would actually argue that BC's program is pretty competitive. Their profs are also known for being ridiculously nitpicky for completely random reasons. But that's all hearsay from several BC master's students I know.
  11. Congrats!! It's always so uplifting to hear of people getting into their #1 choice
  12. Congrats!! UH has so many great research centers and groups, I'm jealous! Who was your POI?
  13. Can you PM or post your POI? I ask because there are a few faculty members I am very interested in working under (they match my research interests to a T), but I also wouldn't be applying for PhD for another 1-2 years. I need to be let down gently lol.
  14. Anyone applying for masters heard back from U-Houston yet?
  15. UTD takes forever to send out results. I didn't get my rejection from them last year until June lol. UT Tyler tends to be more responsive and I've heard good things about their program, so good luck! If you're looking at an experimental/research based masters, have you considered UTSA's M.S. Psychology program? It's very similar to UTD's but they make no attempt to hide that it is basically a PhD prep program haha.