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  1. I interviewed with EWU yesterday... so I am assuming they won't let everyone know for a few more weeks
  2. Okay crossing my fingers thank you!
  3. Congratulations! I had an interview this past Saturday and they said they would let us know this Friday... did you have an interview last weekend?
  4. When did you have your interview for West Texas A&M? I had mine on 2/23. I'm hoping I will hear back this week!
  5. I applied to West Texas A&M and New Mexico State as well. I received a phone call this morning from the department of West Texas A&M and have a web interview on the 2/23. I'm very nervous too! I hope we do great!
  6. Ok thank you! I will definitely do that.
  7. Does anyone know if we can take a physics/ chemistry course for a pass or no pass? I really don't want to take it as a credit class...
  8. @CallenUnfortunately, My last professor is gone for the holidays which means that the letters of rec did not get my 5 schools on time. I'm furious at my professor because I have been sending reminders since the beginning of October. Luckily, 2 of my 5 schools accept 1 academic and 2 employer letters.
  9. My teachers were late as well. I emailed them both and both of them replied without an apology. One of my teachers finally finished it but I even had to nudge them AGAIN on my electronic eval forms. I'm still waiting on my other teacher... So I suggest you email them ASAP.
  10. I had almost the same exact scores for gre and GPA. I applied to Fullerton and did not get accepted. I graduated and raised my GPA and I am about to retake the GRE. Overall I applied to 3 schools last year and did not get accepted. I say wait a year and then reapply.
  11. I liked reading your story, since I have been feeling the same way. I say go for it and pursue your masters degree in Speech. It may be your nerves that are getting in the way. For me, I know it is my nerves that are getting in the way because it would be an easier route to not pursue speech. Anyways, those are just some of my thoughts (: Assuming that you decided on a plan since this was posted in August, I am curious to what route you ended up taking?
  12. Your internship should definitely help you out. However, I applied to SDSU, CSUF, and CSULB for Fall 2016 and didn't get in. I had a ton of volunteer experience and an ok gpa. My gpa was a 3.6. My GRE scores were extremely low and I honestly feel like that was what effected my chances. So my best advice for you, is to study all summer for the GRE. Good luck to you! Oh and my friend applied to SDSU with a 4.0 GPA and a lot of volunteer experience and high GRE scores and still didn't get in... So I guess it just depends.
  13. I am still waiting for CSUF... but I am assuming I didnt get in. So I am applying for a SLPA program during the summer as my backup.
  14. I just checked and i was denied admission into CSULB. Check your application status online for people who are still waiting.
  15. I called and they said that they are still letting people know if they have been accepted or rejected this week and next week. they also said that if we haven't heard from them, then assume that we are on their waitlist...