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  1. Look into which MA programs are funded. Although they are relatively rare, there are some MA programs which offer partial or full funding. There may also be Graduate Assistantships available outside of your department. For example, and acquaintance of mine worked as a Residential Director to earn her tuition and a stipend during the MA. If you are unable to get the majority of your MA funded, however, then I think going straight to the PhD would be the better option.
  2. My best friend from my MA program is nearly 8 years older than me! We meshed better than I did with students who are only a few months or a few years older than me. My point is, age really doesn't matter because you and the other members of your cohort are likely to be at a similar place in your lives. I can see there being a greater divide between married and unmarried students, but even that isn't necessarily the case. I agree with the other posters, just be yourself! You wouldn't have been accepted into the program if you didn't come across as mature to the admissions committee!
  3. A good friend of mine met her language requirement for the MA at Boston College using ASL.
  4. Yes, I'm finishing up there now.
  5. I did not teach at all in my MA (except for electing to TA undergrad lit courses for no compensation). I will be teaching 1:1 in my PhD at Duquesne. The first semester, I'll co-teach a course with a student with more advanced standing in the program. After that, I'll be on my own. I will teach first-year writing every fall and an introductory lit course every spring, and they will try to arrange for me to co-teach an upper-level course with a faculty member in my fourth year.
  6. I GOT INTO DUQUESNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank you! So far, wine has been the only effective way to forget the anxiety
  8. I just got an email from the DGS at Duquesne: "I just wanted to update you on your waitlist status. The deadline for replying to offers for the PhD program is this Saturday. I have one candidate who I have contacted multiple times and who has never responded; I am assuming that she does not intend to accept the offer. If, by the end of the weekend, we have not heard from her, I will instruct the graduate office to extend an offer to you." I'm freaking out. I think I might actually get in.
  9. I'm not sure, sorry!
  10. I'm stuck on a waitlist, and I was rejected from the other 11 programs to which I applied. The program where I am waitlisted only accepts 4 students, and I am 2nd on the waitlist. As of about 10 days ago, when I last spoke to the DGS, 2 of the 4 who were offered admission had accepted, and 2 had not yet decided. Either both of those people, or one of those and the person ahead of me on the waitlist, would have to decline for me to get in. I feel so hopeless. I feel like there's no chance of me getting in, and that I just have to wait around with my perpetual nausea until they finally tell me it's over. Of course, the 15th falls on a Saturday. I might not know anything until Monday. And it's a holiday weekend, so maybe not even until after that. I know a week isn't that long, but after six months of this I am at the end of my rope. I have a few back-up options, but I'm not thrilled with any of them. I feel horrible all the time. I'm embarrassed because I'll have to tell everyone I got rejected from 12 schools; to people outside of academia who don't know how difficult this is, that just sounds like I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm not.
  11. Yes! I still haven't heard anything from UNC Chapel Hill. I contacted them, per my advisors' suggestions, but they did not respond. I know since I wasn't one of the original waitlists it's a long shot, but it would be a dream come true. I'm second on the waitlist at Duquesne. They only matriculate 4 students. Of those offered admission, so far 2 have accepted. No word on the other 2 or on the person ahead of me on the waitlist. So, I could still get in, but my odds aren't great. I never heard back from U Maryland CP, but I am pretty sure they just can't be bothered to reject me.
  12. She's coming from an MA program.
  13. She just chose Rice! She hasn't yet notified either school of her decision, but plans to do so ASAP (there was an issue with her flights back from Tufts, so she's a little busy at the moment). She's queer theory/ British modernism, if that makes any difference. I hope you get in soon!
  14. My best friend is currently deciding between Tufts and Rice. She was very impressed when she visited Rice, but plans to visit Tufts before deciding. Sorry I don't have more concrete intel!
  15. I have been similarly frustrated. My advisors think I should reach out to UNC and see what's up (and not-so-subtly emphaisize that I'm still interested in the program), but my instinct is to wait in agony until they tell me. I know I'm almost certainly not getting in, but the possibility really hurts. I would do anything to go there and it feels like they're taunting me. I know they aren't, of course, but it just feels that way.