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  1. As an actual TA in a Psych department, I would like to add that quite literally no one cares about students' essays after the semester is over. If we do care, its because we think they'd be good RA's or project students. And @elemosynarical if a TA is in a bad mood 4 - 5 years later and is still in academia, they'd probably be channeling their inner Reviewer #2 rather than looking up an old essay.
  2. The tri-council agencies look for indicators of academic and research potential, so holding a previous award technically helps in that regard. With that said, I wouldn't really say there's much causal explanation between getting MA SSHRC and getting PhD SSHRC, so much as the fact that if you *had* good indicators of research potential entering your master's to the point that you got a CGS-M, you probably also have them going into your PhD.
  3. I finally got my letter so I'll update on the score for people waiting/wondering what the cut-offs might be: Award: SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship ($80,000 over 4 years) Score: 13.4 / 20 Committee 4: Education, linguistics, psychology, social work Also for people wondering: Deadline to accept is May 23 for people on the wait list wondering how long the wait might be.
  4. Especially since I'm fairly sure the schools get the results by email and I have to confirm everything by email....yet they won't let me activate the award because we have to "go by the book" and I haven't received the letter by snail mail yet.
  5. Considering the late mailing date and the disparity I'm starting to think that SSHRC may have paid extra to mail the letters by courier for out-of-province and international addresses while relying on Canada Post for in-province. Someone mentioned getting their letter in Montreal way before anyone mentioned Ontario.
  6. Now I'm really anxious because I've lost mail before in my apartment. I guess I can always email SSHRC to see what address it was forwarded to :'(
  7. Honestly, I think the only thing keeping you from getting through the door is the GRE's. While schools don't necessarily have an "official" cut-off, if they get a lot of applications, its an easy filter. I would consider using Magoosh to study verbal and quant, and do a lot of practice tests to get used to the testing situation. Even if you are a bad tester now, you can learn to be a better one (especially since Magoosh and other prep materials teach you how to strategically approach questions). The ETS also publishes their issues and analytic type questions. While you don't need to go over every single one, getting used to the structure of the types of essays you are expected to write will help. It's been awhile since I wrote this so I don't recall how to best approach this but they're also pretty formulaic as well. With your experience, if you can bring up your Quant and Verbal to decent levels I'm sure you'd have a good shot at getting in.
  8. The school is really annoying with this....they know who won, but I am not allowed to activate the award until the snail mail has arrived....despite the fact that every other document I sign and send around is being sent electronically. This has got to be some next-level inefficiency and because of how late the mail arrived, I am unable to start it for the summer semester.
  9. It seems weird that people in Montreal are getting it then...unless SSHRC paid extra for out-of-province or sent it earlier.
  10. The notification process seems idiosyncratic between schools and for what it's worth, my student account says I got the Doctoral Fellowship and I didn't get an email, yet people on the waitlist at my school seem to have been notified.
  11. @jennyeee I'm also from Western but didn't get an email. You can go to student center and check under "Graduate External Scholarships" to see if you got the award. I found out I got the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship this way when Erin Daley only emailed me about OGS. Not sure what the disparity is though (maybe they were going alphabetically and clocked out mid-way? Maybe they prioritized OGS and CGS?) @storiesofsnow and @howlx; if you don't mind my asking, did you both get the CGS/waitlisted for CGS or the Doctoral Fellowship? I'm trying to figure out why I didn't get an email (and am really hoping I wasn't accidentally awarded lol...).
  12. I thought you weren't allowed to apply for that unless you were a current SSHRC CGS holder.
  13. I've seen people hold it at the same time--at least in name. According to the Trudeau Scholarship website: "It is permitted if the other scholarships or fellowships allow the accumulation of awards. The Foundation will reduce the amount offered if the total value of those external awards exceeds $10,000 CAD." So if I'm interpreting this right, you'd have the monetary value of the Vanier in full and likely none of the Trudeau Scholarship's (since the Vanier's award is so high) but the Trudeau does come with other fringe benefits that likely stays intact (i.e., the mentorship, travel and research allowance) so if you can get both, get both
  14. I had a longer response full of anecdotes but it can honestly be summed up as this: If you aren't sure, don't go. This is 4 - 6 years of your young adult life that you're investing. Even in the best situations, things can go wrong and remember, people are (mostly) on their best behaviour in interviews. If anything seems suspicious then don't go. But this was also going around on academic twitter: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/08/opinion/sunday/the-utter-uselessness-of-job-interviews.html (so extrapolate that to graduate student interviews if you wish)
  15. Honestly, I didn't think that the social sciences were so underfunded that SSHRC can't afford email Joking aside, I do wonder why SSHRC is so far behind the times with regards to electronic applications.