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  1. I will have to go and make the best of it. I'm not complaining about the school I am going to either, just the location will make life something to cope with rather than enjoy for five years. That's all. I would likely be happy at Oxford. Thank you for explaining the workings of the ertegun thing. They really should make that clear, and also send a bulk email for rejections. They are rude and unclear. On the web page it says "if you have not received an email by the end of April, then blah blah". So what do people do, sit on their hands for a month to work out it's a no?
  2. It's about the same climate. I did not write a post about this to explain to you why I make the choices I make. I wrote because I earned the right to an option that makes me happier, and I cannot really have it because of funding problems. Do you also need colour pens?
  3. Well it can be horrible if it is very far away from where you want to be. It's not the case that I'm trying to insult bits of land.
  4. Thank you Fuzzy, it is nice to have talked about it.
  5. Absolutely no way of hanging around here, so as you say, I will have to learn to be happy with what I have and make things pleasant around me. However, at this point I am so tired. Thank you for being helpful.
  6. Thank you, but I have to go. I cannot take any time off. I believe I could possibly apply when I am already some way into the funded program, but reference letters and that you do not stick to what you have started, I don't think it would work. Maybe even hurt me. I would sell my soul to the devil to get funding for Oxford.
  7. Because I didn't get the only funding for Oxford I could apply to as an overseas student, I am just bawling like a child. Linguistics does not get any funding unless you are doing something politically trendy. My funded (and rather prestigious) option is on a horrible continent. I love my potential supervisors and some of the work going on at the department, but that is it. The place I cannot cope with. I am just crying all the time.
  8. Anybody accepted to Oxford? Anybody studying there? Just got my letter of acceptance!
  9. After every submission, I found fresh horrors in my sample work. I thought they must conclude I am a complete idiot.
  10. I hope you get accepted to a programme that will make you happy!
  11. Everybody I know seems to suffer from this.
  12. That could be a reason, socio getting very popular. You might get an answer yet. I do phonology.
  13. game of thrones, pictures of cats wearing human clothes or made to pose doing human things, the correct comments and correct jokes for your echo chamber.
  14. You're very welcome. They should be happy enough with your GPA if they've got any sense at all. Personally I think it is also possible to pull off a 4.00 only because you do not question things and therefore are flawless at giving back exactly what you have been told in exams. It sounds like your work is promising, too.I believe you can ask for feedback in a carefully worded letter from people who rejected you. It was discussed in some thread somewhere. What is the subfield?
  15. Anybody to hear from MIT?