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  1. Hey, did you hear back from them?
  2. Has everyone received an update about admission status (be it rejection/waiting list) from IDM?
  3. Hey, that's so great.. Congratulations. It's a dream program fo me. Still on the waiting list.
  4. Hey Congratz
  5. No, I did not. Just 2 days back, I received an email from Ms. Lesley with an attached letter informing me that I am on the waiting list.
  6. 12 hours before.
  7. Is there anyone from engineering cohort planning to choose some other offer over IDM? I have been put up on their waiting list today.
  8. Hey Congratz! Did you get in IDM or SDM? (This group is for IDM). In case you applied for IDM, which cohort?
  9. Did anyone contact them via a phone call?
  10. Any new admit to any cohort?
  11. Has anyone received a rejection yet from MIT's IDM?
  12. Hey Congratz. When did you get the admit?
  13. Hey @Amit37, for which cohort did you apply?
  14. @SolderBob @violet03 : Congrats to both of you.
  15. @SolderBob: Yes, I have my interview tomorrow. Is the interview exactly for 30 minutes, or it can also extend if there are more projects to show? Is there anything else other than resume and portfolio discussed about?