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  1. I normally prefer to take notes in a spiral notebook and have one for each course. That way, all of the course notes are together and are separated by each class. Once I completed by undergrad degree, I now have quite a stack of spiral notebooks. I usually don't prefer loose-leaf paper in a 3 ring binder because, even with tabs, it's hard to separate notes for each course. And once the pages are turned several times, they begin to tear and fall out. I'm starting an online Masters program in August, so there won't be too many lectures (I don't think) to take notes from. I'll mostly be taking my own notes. I'm curious, how does everyone prefer to take course notes? I'm trying to determine the best, convenient way, to take notes. Let me know!
  2. Thanks for all of the helpful responses everyone. I know it's a silly question, but it's hard to ignore books when you're such a huge bookworm, like myself. I started reading the book a few days ago and am already having a hard time putting it down. It's really good!!
  3. The ASHA website provides a PDF of all programs offering a Masters and PhD in Speech Pathology. It also includes programs with distance education (online) programs as well. http://www.asha.org/uploadedFiles/CAAAccreditedPrograms.pdf I hope this helps!! Let me know if you have other questions.
  4. Thanks for the help @TakeruK and @fuzzylogician. It definitely helps. The person I spoke with about obtaining employment without having my MA degree just yet is actually a professor and is the advisor for fieldwork placements within the program. She also informed me that several students go into different areas and gain experience with internships or by volunteering. I need 40 hours/week and I need to get paid for them as well, so I will keep checking. Would anyone recommend that I find job opportunities I'm interested in and to contact the company informing them of my situation? Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
  5. Hi everyone, I am interested in statistics and data collection/research jobs once I receive my Masters Degree in Sociology. I have been looking over a few job positions on various sites and most of them require 1-3+ years experience. I have a BS degree in another field and am somewhat new to Sociology. I don't have any experience. I found out from my program advisor that some companies will hire individuals who are currently in the process of completing their Master's degree. I already have a generic letter of intent that I can send to various companies. Would this be the best way to inform them that I'm interested in their position, don't have a Masters degree yet, but am completing it? I also heard that I can find volunteer activities or an internship, but I need to have at least 40 hrs/week for bills and get paid for them. Any help is appreciated. I'm really interested in several positions, but feel lost without having experience. And I don't know how to obtain any.
  6. Im trying to find other students who have taken the class already. Not finding any. Ill probably just wait until class starts.
  7. This is very helpful, thanks! I don't watch tv or go out with friends much either. If i'm not studying, I'm normally reading for pleasure. I may start the longer book soon. I'm excited! *nerd* Would you mind providing some of your favorite authors/books, so I can add more to my to-read list?
  8. That's impressive! I probably shouldn't be calling myself the bookworm then. When I'm not having to study, I read as much as I can. Of course there are other things to do like my Cinderella chores around the house and walking the dog, but I don't read nearly as many books a year as you do. Wow!! Since you're such a heavy reader, would you mind sharing some of your favorite books/authors? I would be interested in adding some more books to my huge to-read list. Thanks!
  9. Oh wow. I like this idea. And 40-50 books a year is impressive. Thanks!
  10. Im a huge bookworm and love to read. Once I finish a book, Im always excited to start another one. I will be starting a Masters program this Fall and once that begins, reading for leisure is over. I have about 6 weeks until school begins and am trying to enjoy the rest of my summer. The library (Yes I still love going to the library. Go ahead and laugh now) has a few books available from my to read list. One of them is 600 pages and I really want to read it. I know I cant finish it before school starts and wont have time to read much throughout the semester. I need your help. Should I start the book anyway and enjoy it for now, or should I choose another shorter book that I may be able to finish before school starts? Thanks for the help. I need everyones suggestions. Im a bookworm and just love to read!!
  11. Is anyone starting the Online MA program in Sociology at ASU for Fall 2017? I will be starting this program in August and am curious if anyone else here is too. Let me know. Lets connect before the excitement begins!!
  12. I've searched the school website and have done a google search for the syllabi as well. They must be pretty secure. I'm not finding them anywhere. I may just try and enjoy the rest of my summer break (aside from working). Once school begins, I won't have much of a break at all.
  13. I'm actually trying to find grads who have already completed the program, are currently enrolled, or who are just starting like myself, but I'm not finding anyone. I've been reading for fun quite a bit. I know I definitely won't have much time to read leisurely once school starts. I'm actually trying to finish my book before classes start in the middle of August. I see you're a social sciences major. Can you give me any tips or suggestions about reading material, or anything else, before starting the program? Thanks!
  14. That's true. I didn't think of that. I know some professors keep the same syllabus and just change a few things from semester to semester. You have a point. I'm definitely going to try and enjoy the rest of the summer. Once courses start this Fall, there isn't much of a break until I'm finished. Thanks for the suggestions.
  15. I am starting a Masters program this Fall (middle of August) and am already enrolled in courses for sessions A and B. Since I'm a nerd and prefer to read materials and textbooks way ahead of time, is it appropriate (or acceptable) to ask professors for their syllabus now? Or should I just wait until class starts? Can anyone give me any tips or suggestions about anything before starting my graduate program?