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  1. I heard back about the 3 semester track on 3/3. It seems like they might be issuing decisions in batches, though!
  2. For those who received acceptances from the priority round: am I correctly interpreting the part in the letter about when to reply by as they'd prefer we respond by March 15, but we CAN wait until April 15? I want to wait to attend the admitted students weekend and get my other decisions before I make a commitment, but I don't want to be discourteous to LBJ or lose out on my chance to accept.
  3. Mine was for MPAff. They're probably doing decisions for the two programs separately. Good luck!
  4. I received an email around 8 eastern last night. My Status still shows "in review" though.
  5. Just got my letter this evening, anyone else? No funding, sadly, but it's still one of my top choices.
  6. I got my packet on Monday as well! I'm really excited as I love the program and think it's a really good fit for me, but funding will be crucial. My letter said we'd hear in late February on that?
  7. As everyone who applied this cycle receives their results and makes their decisions, I'd be curious to know: how many schools did you apply to, and do you feel like that was the right number? It seems some people apply to as few as 3 while others have applications in the double digits. I'm building my list to apply in the fall, and I'd love to hear from people who have already been through the process whether they wish they'd given themselves more options, or if they wasted their time and ran out of steam from too many apps, etc. Follow-up question would be how many (to borrow from undergrad admissions terms) match/reach/safety schools you applied to and if you felt like that was the right mix. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, and forgive me if this has been covered already- I couldn't find anything in this forum specifically beyond a few comments in the advice for future applicants section of results threads, and I think grad school admissions as a whole are too varied to compare feedback from people applying to other programs.
  8. I'm planning to apply to MPP programs next fall and could use some advice on what to do about a situation with a poor grade (D) in Calculus 3. Long story short, I took multivariable calculus as a "fun challenge" my senior spring while I was also juggling travel for job interviews, an honors thesis, and serious athletic commitments. Stupid, I know. By the time I realized that I just wasn't going to have the time to put into it that I wanted to, the drop deadline had passed and my choices were tough it out or get a W. When I talked to my advisor about it, he suggested I stay in (I had the potential of getting a C at the time) because it would show I was tough and that most people I would compete against for grad school spots wouldn't have that much mathematical training. Well, I got a D. Now as I start to think about applying to grad school, I'm wondering if I should retake it online as a way to prove my mathematical abilities. That's a significant time and financial commitment, though, so I want to make sure I think through before I do it. Some other relevant information: My GPA including the D is just shy of a 3.4. I went to a top 30 university and finished 3 majors. I received high thesis honors in political science. I got a mixture of A's and B's in other math/econ classes. I took a lot of tough courses early on in college (I placed out of a lot of intro courses with AP credits) that I got B's in and there's a noticeable upward trend. I just took the GRE and my scores were 165 V/161 Q/5.0 W I graduated in 2013 and have spent the past 2.5 years in a communications/project management role at a relatively well-known think tank. My current role has Senior Manager attached to it. I'll have 3.5 years of experience when I'm applying. I'm looking to stick with the management side of things more than policy research, so I won't be pushing for entrance into quant-heavy tracks. My advisor who helped me sort out whether or not to withdraw from Calc 3 will write one of my recommendations and be able to give his view of the situation (so I don't just sound like I'm making excuses) and attest to my quantitative skills- he once said I had a better grasp on econometrics than he does. My top choice, like many others here, is WWS. Also looking at Berkeley, USC, UT Austin, and several others. I'm hoping to get substantial funding. It seems like there's a lot of collective knowledge on this forum and I'd appreciate any advice you guys have!