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  1. Hi Guys, Anybody decided on joining Case? I will be attending Case for PhD in Biomedical Engineering starting Fall'16. Would be great to know if anyone else has decided to join Case. I am starting to look for places to stay. Would be great to know a little about safe places to look for apartments, and general living in Cleveland.
  2. Hi guys, got an admit (informed by a professor through mail) from UCLA. I was wondering if anybody heard back from UCLA? Also is anybody interested in UCLA BioE?
  3. I called them today. The administrator I spoke with was very rude and she told me I don't need to do anything until I contact them again.
  4. I do not think so, maybe in the first week of february? That is what I gather from last years results.
  5. I see, that's comforting that MIT and Stanford haven't given out results yet. @B00mt0wn when and how did you revieve Mich result? I was in talk with poi back in '15 summer and he promised to look for funding come January. But he suddenly stopped replying to mails...
  6. She asked me which dates would be good for a telephonic call and gave me her preferred date. I replied saying it works for me without specifying any date. I apologized and let her know her preferred date works. But felt that without being clear I was rude. Maybe I am over thinking, but I just like her work a lot.
  7. Anybody heard back from Stanford, MIT, Michigan or UIUC EE PhD? Got replies from my biomed list but no EE replies yet.
  8. I made a faux pas in a mail to a prospective poi and was very terse. Like just a single line reply. I apologized to her and sent her a more clear mail. Do you think this would affect my chances drastically? I know how people might perceive it.
  9. I think you guys are getting stressed for nothing. My understanding is that professors do know students have to face these situations, and are almost all the time accommodating. If someone gets angry with you for not attending on a certain date, I do not think he/she will be a good advisor anyway.
  10. @aegis921 which ddepartment? Congrats BTW!
  11. Got an interview with Virginia BME!
  12. Anybody else attending open house at CWRU Biomed? completely thrilled.
  13. Invitation to CWRU open house!