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  1. So do you think an MSc would be a disadvantage a person is looking to work in the government after their degree? Anyone can chime in if they know anything!
  2. Rejected from Waterloo's MPH as well
  3. Yes hopefully! Let me know
  4. Yup!! I don't know why they didn't email me letting me know though 🙄😒 maybe it went into my junk mail? Did you email them yet?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm on the waiting list at Queens.
  6. Goodluck to you too! Okay, damnn.
  7. Omg.... panicking now. Just sent them an email asking. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW!
  8. Thanks! Mine says "application submitted", is that what yours says? Maybe there's an issue with mine if it's supposed to say "complete"
  9. Is anyone else still waiting to hear from Waterloo and queens?
  10. This wait tho.... BRUH
  11. Wow I still haven't received an email from them. I wonder if that means I'm rejected
  12. I was rejected from mcmaster a few weeks ago!
  13. How did you find out?
  14. Also when and how did you hear back from UofT?
  15. Hey! Sorry to hear about your rejections. Did the rejection letter specifically state that it's because of the lack of experience? I got experience in public health through co-op, volunteer internships at health organizations, and a 4th year thesis. It was a lot of work doing this and i gained this experience throughout my undergrad. Send me me a personal message and I can give you more information about how I went about it! (Though I have a rejection from mcmaster, and still waiting on others).