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  1. I put my alternate status on my LinkedIn account last year and I plan to do the same this year! I think it's an accomplishment to be proud of
  2. I'm so sorry Medievalist I was so hoping you would get principal status! Yes this is a huge accomplishment (a reminder that I need to keep telling myself). I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will be bumped up!
  3. I wish I had more likes so I could up vote this!
  4. I'm so sorry Patient0 I'm glad that you've been a part of this community! If you have the opportunity to try applying again, I highly recommend it You may not get a better result the second time but you'll never know if you don't try. Best of luck to you!
  5. Thanks Mckenna After talking with my mom (and having a good cry) I'm feeling better. I still have a couple other scholarships to look forward to and I'm grateful that I went through this process again. The self-discovery and essay writing has been a positive (if sometimes frustrating) process. At least I can say that I tried again and I can never regret that I tried!
  6. Alternate this really hurts. Congrats to everyone though who found out good news!
  7. You just gave me a heart attack! I haven't gotten anything yet in my inbox but I will be checking constantly now!
  8. Congratulations to everyone who has heard so far! Don't forget to update your info on the spreadsheet! Let's help pay it forward to future applicants so they can benefit from the info just like we did https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AlU2xDiiVhQjK3quPy6qXJuhgXYghzzG8L4YNT0unX0/edit#gid=929221519
  9. WAY TO GO HORB!!! I'm so happy for you!!
  11. Excellent point! The non-select are harder to find out about because there's never a press release, we just have the individuals on this forum who share their info (which is incredibly helpful!). Thanks for all your insight into Leicester and the UK Fulbright process. It has been invaluable
  12. I know who the woman who won it is (she's listed on the US/UK Fulbright site and I also contacted her back in January with questions about the interview) and I was one of the alternates last year and by luck I found a Western Kentucky University press release stating one of their students was an alternate for Leicester last year (and weirldy enough we both wanted to go into museum studies) there could have been as many as 4 or 5 put forward last year for the Leicester program but I haven't found anything to suggest this was the case. This year I found two students from Ball State University who are semi-finalists for Leicester along with me (so at least 3 people this year as well). It is possible to be chosen as NS even if interviewed (a post in the Fulbright forum from a few years ago said as much).
  13. Last year there were 44 awarded and the year before that 35. From the statistics page on the Fulbright website only a few of the awards had applicants but no recipients: Fulbright/University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship Award last year and Fulbright/University of St. Andrews Award in Arts & Humanities back in 2015. I think the partnership awards are absolutely given out each year (Lancaster only had 2 applicants back in 2015 and seems like neither were selected). I think close to 44 awards will be given out this year based on the last couple of years and what is on the US/UK Fulbright website. Also, all of the partnership awards are for a single principal candidate for each partnership University, the only exception is the open award which has two winners. Also you're only competing against those who applied for the same partnership, ie last year there were 13 applicants for Leicester, which was narrowed down to at least 3 semi-finalists which became 1 principal candidate and 2 alternates.
  14. I think I'm really losing it. Before I left my desk I noticed a tweet congratulating someone on their uk fulbright award...it was the visiting scholars award given to professors. I got really excited for a second thinking the decisions were out.
  15. I'm so sorry