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  1. I am a student at Guelph MPH and the stats for Guelph that I have been told from a few people are as follows: Roughly 400-500 applicants for 25 spots. We have been told they are not increasing the class size at all, and it will stay at 25! As well, there could be more or less applicants but judging from the growing popularity I would assume it to increase.
  2. Hey! So I am a current student at Guelph MPH, and our program is within the Population Medicine Department so we have a lot of classes with Epi MSc students. I think it all depends on the type of government job you are going for! Many people who work at PHAC, or even PHO have pure Epi degrees which is a huge asset, especially if you want to work more with data and analyses. As well, many people just have Masters of Public Policy, and get an MBA who work in government policy. However, there are some jobs were MPH's might be hired over people with MSc's, especially if it is in the realm of program evaluation, development, or promotion. But again, there are people with MSc's in immunology, epi, etc. who work actively in the field of public health and in Government positions. So in terms of government, no, doing an MSc would not disadvantage you ( I have talked to people who work at the Ministry of Health and many don't have MPH's at all). In the end it's all about your experiences and skills so I would suggest not focusing on the degree but on the aspects that really inspire you, which will make you want to achieve more.
  3. Hey I am a current student at Guelph MPH, if you have any questions feel free to inbox me!
  4. Hey! So I am currently a first year at Guelph MPH, (I applied in 2016). Personally it is not about direct public health experience at all, everyone who got in for my year had different experiences that all indirectly related to public health. Yes, some did have more applicable direct experiences, but it is all about showing how what you have done, relates to the field of public health you are more interested in. For example, I did work in an aquatic ecology and molecular lab for three years and in my letter, I talked about how I can apply these skills towards infectious disease and water quality for environmental public health and how Guelph would allow me to further my interest in this area, but I never did direct public health experiences. It is all about taking what you have done and applying it in to a public health lens!
  5. Hey Mallory! I can't speak too much on UofT admissions, but I am a current student at the Guelph MPH program and in the year I was accepted there were around 350+ applicants and around 24-25 spots! I know last year UofT took a bit more students but you are looking generally around the 20- 40 spots, for around 350- from anywhere to 500 applicants (for Guelph the exact number was never told we were just told it was more than 350). In general MPH programs are fairly competitive and it seems that they keep getting more competitive, but don't be discouraged! When I got it in I definitely did not have experience working at a health unit, or anything directly related to public health. It's all about how you word your cover letter because that carries a massive weight for your application.
  6. Hey! From what I remember for Guelph our class this year has 25 people and I believe there were upwards of 360+ applicants for the program. I would say most people in our program this year had a 3.7 GPA or higher in their last two years as well.
  7. Hey everyone, I am a current student at Guelph U in the MPH program, so if anyone has questions on admissions, admission statistics, or anything else I would be happy to try (emphasis on try haha) and help answer any questions.