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  1. Thanks! I should have read the immigration pages more thoroughly.
  2. I guess you are right! I'm going to Canada btw - I didn't apply to any UK courses because there's no funding at all in most cases which is appalling.
  3. So can I ignore my immigration letter from university which rated the yearly cost as tuition + $20,000? Also does anyone know why my letter says student visa not permit? I thought there was no student visa in Canada?
  4. Greetings, fellow 2018 applicants! So I've been on two cycles so far and finally got into a MA programme. I will be applying again to Phd programmes this winter. I have a question: should I reach out to my recommenders from my undergrad again for this time? Or should I tell the profs at my MA institution early on about my plans, i.e., as soon as the programme starts, and ask them for letters? I know that writing references is part of their job, but I've already asked my recommenders twice, and one of them one more time for something else, for letters. And it feels awkward to ask them again when I don't see them regularly. What do you think? Is this something quite normal in academia, to ask for recommendation more than few times? Anyways good luck to you all preparing for your applications!
  5. Isn't it quite easy to get into one of those programmes, I mean relatively? You are paying loads of £££ so they will welcome you with open arms. The same with King's, UCL, etc. But obviously don't apply only to LSE.
  6. Thanks so much for your advice, especially about housing! Which programme did you attend in York? I'm going to social and political thought. (edit: Haha just realised that I've actually messaged you a while ago asking you if you know about the spt.) If you don't mind can I ask a follow up question about the bursary thing? (Sorry I don't know much about how things work over there!) I've spoken to a couple of current Phd students there and they said the amount given through it is quite arbitrary so I shouldn't be relying on it too much for budgeting. But how much do you usually get on average as an MA student, from the bursaries? Thanks!
  7. Cheers! I'm not sure where I'll be living - UoT will tell me today if I am accepted, and this comes with much more $$ than York so I haven't fully decided where to live. But it's good to know that it costs you about that for food, and I think I could manage that with a part time job. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Good luck to you too!
  9. I still think that the lack of communication is quite bad. It doesn't take more than few minutes to send out a simple email to a couple of waitlisters... Good luck to you anyway - which programme are you waiting for?
  10. Is it normal that they are taking this long to respond after the 15th?? Why are they not telling me what's happening?
  11. How much do I need to survive in Toronto? I was offered a place for a one year masters at York uni along with scholarship big enough to cover my rent. I will still have to get a part time job, probably for no more than 10 hours pw. Is this going to be enough to live on? The course is very intense, or so I heard, so I won't be spending much on hobbies and luxuries I guess. What do you think?
  12. I suck at real life.
  13. Who STILL hasn't heard back? God, I thought they would let me know by now...
  14. Thanks for replies fellas. I'll go ahead and ask what else I could do if I can't get get a RA/GAship. I agree that it's a pretty good deal. Just wanna make sure I don't run out of money when I should be writing a thesis!
  15. Hi everyone, I've been accepted to a Canadian MA programme after an unbearably long wait, so I was elated for a day or so but let down a little because the funding they provide is not enough to live on. The fellowship covers tuition, and on top of that I received some scholarship. Which is nice but still the amount is not a lot. It seems that more money goes to Phd students there. However, the graduate administrator told me that there will be GA and RAships available to students at a later time which will boost the funding. But as the number is limited, there is no guarantee that I will be able to get one. TAships are normally given to phd students in this institution so I think it's still likely that GA and RAships will become available, though. What do you think about this situation?