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  1. The big secret is Master's programs aren't necessarily that hard to get into. Duke, I know, accepts near 50% of those applicants (compared with less than 10% PhD.) Those scores are very sufficient provided your recs, personal statement (and fit with resources), and writing sample are good. Now, getting in somewhere fully funded may require higher scores.
  2. Hi there -- I'm wondering if anyone knows of anyone doing in-depth work on beat poetry at the moment, or programs that would lend themselves well to that. Thanks!
  3. Hey there -- I'm currently highly interested in studying spirituality and beat poetry. I have a few leads, but I'm trying to explore all options -- does anybody out there know any specific POIs I should check out?
  4. in my experience if you aren't in the Div school, Duke REL classes are actively anti theology.
  5. Happy to answer questions from within Duke MA. All students get offered 40% funding. Above that, AFTER everyone has commit, the two students who were highest on the pile get an additional... I think it's 2k a year. Not a lot and it wasn't me. Over that, at least one of the fields gives an additional 5k a year and that's based on your personal statement and known interests. Your best bet is to email the advisor you're most interested in the topics of (though the pull at Duke is certainly the flexibility) and tell them you really want to come but need to ask if they have any advice on extra funding. Most likely, though, you're getting the 40% and work study if you qualify. We tell ourself it's Duke and the loans will be worth it but who knows.
  6. Hey there -- I'm currently in an MA in a pretty good RS program exploring my options for my application season next year. I've been in a Biblical Hebrew year-long course and am among the top of my class, and am vastly enjoying a different exegesis course I'm in as well. I'm wondering what those of you in/applying to HB PhD programs had in your "toolbox" -- what else can I do to make myself look like a competitive applicant? Presumably, I'll be in similar courses next year as well, as well as in Modern Hebrew. It's been suggested I go to Middlebury but I can't on account of having a wedding (mine) during that time. Will it be best for me to continue study and not apply that season?
  7. @marXian no, I asked exactly what I meant. While some MAs in Religious Studies - *academic* programs - such as those listed by those above do have funding, but some do not, from very good schools: UVA offers no MA funding, Duke 40%. I AM asking about funding an MA in a Religious Studies program in a University. You are incorrect.
  8. We all know that the logic with graduate programs is you should never go into debt. However, it is my impression that the majority of MAs - while they may offer something - are not fully funded and have very little funding. How did you fund your MA? Did you go into debt? Did you choose money over academics? Did you find some magical external source you could clue me in to? I had one professor I spoke to before application seasons tell me this would happen and said that it should be looked at as an investment - that the MA, which would cost money, would be what got me into a PhD that funded me. Do you agree?
  9. Acceptances to Duke and UVA's MA in Religion.