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  1. Hmmm I didn't see that! I was told I was Tier One and I saw two other people said their email said the same but no actual information :/
  2. I have not committed yet but it is very likely I will be going here. Moving from Illinois If you want to make a page I will join once I commit! No one has made a page yet
  3. Do you realize you're posting in the Speech Language Pathology forum? Good luck with ur endeavor.
  4. I'm on the Tier One waitlist at Pacific. It's my top choice but I have no idea how many people are on the Tier One with me but I just saw last night on the Results page that someone is not taking their spot at Pacific because they got in somewhere they like better. I can't even explain the feelings I'm going through right now!
  5. I see some people are getting responses from U of Montana. Still nothing for me
  6. Hi! I came from a Pre Med major before (stats in signature) and both of my parents are doctors. When I decided I want to pursue SLP my mom didn't talk to me for months. (Ah the joys of being Asian!) However I worked really hard to bring up my GPA as much as I could since I was on academic probation by the time I left my first school to transfer to the one I'm in now. I did my best to form bonds with my professors and got a research assistantship in Linguistics (my minor). I did a ton of research and saved up a bunch of money to apply to schools I thought were a good fit! I got a ton of rejections, and one was from my undergraduate university I'm at now. That hurt. I kept my hopes low during the whole process so I would be pleasantly surprised. I have gotten one acceptance and two waitlists and I'm supposed to hear back from 2 more schools I applied to by tonight! I am so happy to be accepted anywhere as I truly was prepared for all rejections and I'm on the top tier waitlist at my top choice university so I'm over the moon. My advice is to just stay strong and realistic. I know it's hard but stressing and worrying after you've already put your apps in does nothing. Whatever happens will happen and with the right amount of work you can achieve whatever - yes it may take longer than your original plan but don't worry as life is long Cheers and good luck to all!
  7. I'm sorry to hear you got a rejection but I bet you're happy to have some closure as hanging in limbo is the worst! Good luck with the rest of the schools you're waiting on!
  8. I know two people got accepted off the tier one waitlist last year but I have no idea if that waitlist is ranked or random! I'm not too hopeful
  9. Hi I was just wondering if anyone else was waiting on University of Montana? I haven't heard a peep
  10. I received an email from TWU notifying me I was waitlisted yesterday!
  11. Thank you it does! Thanks so much
  12. I got another waitlist from another small program (TWU) today lol... But no ranking this time! However, TWU's email said they are making people accept or decline their offer by March 29th so that makes me feel a little bit better... I do believe that with Pacific's Waitlist it's Tier One and then everybody else (who is on the waitlist) - based on wha I've seen on the results page and I personally know three other people on the waitlist who didn't get any tier information. However I do wonder how many people they waitlisted - I'm starting to think it's closer to 40 people total. I mean there had to be almost 200 interviews they conducted... I also believe that my chances of getting off the waitlist are slim because I haven't heard of anybody being offered admission that isn't accepting BUT c'est la vie!
  13. Just wanted to say Congrats to you! I'm on the waitlist and would love to go as it is actually cheaper than the other school I got into and I liked it much more.
  14. Um hello! My GPA is even lower lol (check my signature) I was accepted at one school (so grateful) and waitlisted in the highest tier at another! My Advice: Go for schools that look at the entire picture (do interviews/have personal statements). Be realistic. Think about who you are past your GPA and what makes you stand out from everyone else! And let your heart bleed when you write your personal statement (write with some feeling/passion not just generically) cheers!