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  1. 2. I did mention the circumstances that led to my low undergrad GPA. But I tried to do it in a brief mention inside a much longer sentence about all the things that I accomplished during my undergrad. It worked for me. 3. I had a letter writer mention that for me. If I hadn't known she was willing to do that, though, I think I would have mentioned it in my SOP. I believe it is relevant information--90% of low-income, first gen students don't graduate on time. So I think it puts my accomplishments into perspective.
  2. Also, they may halve the number of fellowships next year...
  3. I've heard that it happens, but unfortunately I don't have any information on when.
  4. You will find some advice here:
  5. I use google drive, so it's fairly easy to stay organized.
  6. I sometimes do. I bought a case that came with a keyboard. What I like about it is that it's a little less conspicuous than a laptop if I'm taking notes during a presentation, but I definitely don't type as well on it. I make more mistakes and am slower.
  7. Also, you might try searching the results page to see a range of scores that have been posted for your program choices.
  8. @being11, you can see average GRE scores for your program on the US news and world report site, and you may also find average scores on the schools' websites. Additionally, you might contact them to find out if they have a minimum cutoff score, which would save you the application fee if you have no chance.
  9. I bought one "for grad school," and I love it, but have found that I hardly ever use it for school. I rely far more on my macbook pro. I mostly use my ipad for entertainment.
  10. ahhh, that's so hard, @optimiscallyanxious.
  11. Pro tip on moving boxes: liquor stores have boxes that are the perfect size for me to carry, and are sturdy enough to hold many pounds of liquor, so they're great for moving. I always go ask what days they do inventory, and then go in the next day and ask for boxes. They're often happy to get rid of them for free.
  12. Makes sense! As far as getting in, I think the usual grad school advice applies here: make sure you have strong recommendations from profs who know your work well, put a lot of work into your SOP (and start it early; have people read it, etc.). If you plan to take the GRE, purchase a study book and study. Regarding whether it's what you're looking for, feel free to PM me specifics of what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do to help.
  13. Can you ask other students in your program who have more hands-on advisors what their next steps were? Or ask your DGS?
  14. I use NVivo because it was required for a course. It does not work well on a mac (many features/tools are unavailable on the mac version, though if you want to partition your macbook to run windows too, you can work around it this way). And @Adelaide9216, my university provides it free on the lab computers, but not for downloading to personally-owned PCs.
  15. Hi Whalerider88, It is true that Columbia does not require the GRE for Teachers College. Why won't you need financial aid? These are extremely expensive schools. To answer your question, though, I do not believe need for financial aid or lack thereof has any bearing on admissions chances. FWIW, I was admitted to both HGSE and TC.