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  1. I've been accepted to Alberta too! I'm so happy!!!
  2. Congrats to those of you who got into McGill I just checked the portal and I've been rejected. That's okay though, I guess. I'd like to have options to choose from but so long as I have one acceptance I'll make do! Now we just get to wait until April 1st... I wonder if they realize that it's a Saturday? Does that matter? I still haven't heard anything from Toronto at all so.. I don't have a log in portal for there or anything.
  3. AHHH CONGRATS! *stares at phone anxiously*
  4. Also, while we wait: What are your top choices and why? I honestly just hoped to receive a single acceptance and figured if I got more than one I would just deal with it if it happened. But since the dates to accept are so close, I'd like to hear everyone's reasons for their top choice. Everyone who gradutes from a school says "oh yeah it was a great program!" but they can't really compare, can they? I've heard that about pretty much every school. For me in Sask, I don't have the choice to choose the one closest to home as I'll have to move to a different province regardless. How do you know which school to choose without spending hundreds of dollars flying around to go look at the schools? not to mention there are things like living situations to consider... Toronto can be so expensive to rent an apartment so... I wasn't sure if I'd like to live there....
  5. Holy crap! That's a huge class! I had no idea Toronto had so many to begin with. I thought Alberta had the most. But that means more spots for us! And don't give up yet. Slpslpslpslp said she called today and they told her they'd start calling tomorrow, so maybe they just started to get around to it today earlier than they thought! If I remember correctly, last year McGill called over a few days. I remember how dejected people were the next day after the first day of calls but then they got in.
  6. I'm just curious, and since we're all waiting anxiously anyway maybe it'll be a distraction but.. Has anyone seen a compilation of information about how many seats are available for each Canadian school and how many applicants they had in previous years? The only thing like that I've seen was way back from like 2008...
  7. I got an email from Dal. It had a letter attached.
  8. I just received an acceptance from Dalhousie!!! It's conditional though, that I finish my degree with a GPA of 3.3. I'm not sure how that will work though, because I graduated ages ago with a very low average and have only since taken courses in the last two years but will not have another degree... Not sure if that will matter. Anyway AHHHHHHHHHH Those of you who applied to Dal should get your emails soon!
  9. I checked again today with Dal and they said they still haven't received the second set of scores I sent They were sent more than 3 weeks ago again... They said they would work off of my unofficial scores for now but part of me wonders if it isn't just that they have already rejected me so they know they don't need the scores... TT___TT ahh I'm a mess of anxiety. How am I going to write my midterms this week?? haha I can't stop checking my phone every ten minutes.
  10. I think you're in the wrong thread This is the thread for Speech Pathology programs. Try searching in the 'results' section.
  11. Mine just says the same as yours did, I think. That written notification will follow. During the process they were really slow updating the online thing though. I wonder if they would even update it? I have a feeling they'll send out emails or actual snail mail :/ Considering it's not my first choice anyway because of the extra year, I don't think it matters much. If you get accepted elsewhere, accept it. If Dal comes along a month later and offers you something, it probably won't matter if you already have some other school lined up. If you don't get accepted anywhere, and then Dal comes along like the hero of a story just in the nick of time to rescue you from despair, then all is well lol
  12. It sounds like more than a few of us had our GRE scores lost. You know, I was worried about this when I was paying for them to send the scores on the ETS site. My friend did it too the same as I did and hers arrived, so I don't know how they managed to lose so many of ours. But when you fill out the section of where to send the score reports, you can't really see the address or anything, right? It just has the school name and code 0620 or whatever the heck it was. So I was worried it might go to an old address (to a different department) or something. I actually phoned ETS and tried to find out the address they were sending it to and they couldn't tell me. They were like "we don't use addresses" and I was like "how do you not have an address? surely it's there somewhere. How does the mail go out??". In the end she wouldn't/couldn't tell me and I just had to hope that the second time would work.
  13. I read somewhere on the website that they'd be sending out notifications by mail... I'm not sure if they meant email or snail mail but the date was super late and vague. So it's hard to say. As far as I know they still haven't even gotten my GRE scores which I had sent AGAIN. They assured me in emails that they'd email me when they were found/received but I still haven't heard anything... I'm worried they're going to send out the acceptances and I'll be forever wondering if I didn't get in because they didn't get these stupid scores... =_=
  14. I haven't even looked at practice questions haha Mind providing the link for any questions you found useful? I saw some scenarios online when I looked up what MMIs were, and they didn't seem too bad. It was just like "your friend has this problem, what do you do?". I'm working full-time and taking two classes right now so it's just like.. ahhh interview @_@ No time to prepare!
  15. I got an interview with McMaster too! I'm a little nervous about the short notice. I'm in Saskatchewan so I need to book flights and I'm not sure how best to get there... Already freaking out about the MMI process. Has anyone had a MMI before?