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  1. I am doing it with my partners support, i think its really important to have a plan to be sucessful at a project like school. I need help to do this, for sure. Your quality of life could be greatly increased by working less and spending less on housing. Doesn't have to be all or nothing, you can take a quarter off and see if you like it, or work part time or both or etc etc.
  2. I have been openly non-monogamous in all my relationships for the last 8 or 9 years. I appreciate this post and your honesty and don't see why so many academics are being so narrow minded here with their response. I know some people DADT works well, myself I like to encourage my partner and be encouraged by him to pursue and see other people. We live together however, so there is also the matter of logistics!
  3. My partner and I recently rented a place without jobs in Chicago. I went in with a print out of my savings, paystubs from jobs we were leaving (hey they may be robots at the leasing company, who knows) and a print out of what my loans/aid package looked like and what that would equal per month after tuition and fees. When they asked, we offered a cosigner and were accepted.
  4. I'm always repping YNAB really hard to my friends who have any need for budgeting. YNAB (You Need A Budget) is a really valueable tool- it helped me save several thousand dollars for grad school and generally get control of my finances. It's not a passive system like Mint, its an active "Envelope" method. Its a spreadsheet system but with some additional features and a lot of education and support for budgeting. Its free for students for a year: https://www.youneedabudget.com/landing/college/
  5. In this case I'm actually mailing or shipping 90% of the bulk of my move- so I'm hoping for fully-sealing boxes and will be hitting up Craigslist, Nextdoor and Freecycle shortly.
  6. Just wanted to update the Amtrak recommendation with some actual pricing. Amtrak for me (Denver to Chicago) is 65$ for the first 100 lbs and 60 cents per pound thereafter. I'm thinking combined with media mail for all my books and my partners absurd DVD collection (About 50c a pound regardless of location) and selling my furniture I should be in pretty good shape. Just gotta start collecting moving boxes here shortly... Also if you're doing any kind of work study you should be eligible for food assistance. The maximum benefit is less than 200$ a month but it could still really help a grad students budget.
  7. Social work is a protected title, so school social workers ARE social workers who have completed a social work program and likely additional hours in their filed placement and licensing to become credentialed by the state board of education. There are school counseling programs as well, but you can certainly pursue school social work in (some but not all) MSW programs. I'd start with the state board of education you want to work and work backwards.
  8. I'm moving to my city about a month and a half early, so I'm hoping to really settle in/relax. Also going to make a short road trip to see the solar eclipse in August!
  9. FYI, Colorado Springs is a major city, and Golden is more or less a far Denver suburb with mountains on one side and sprawl around. Boulder is still an urban experience as well, though it has a little more natural barriers to the sprawl.
  10. We're still waiting for word on grad housing but I thought I'd get some neighborhood advice if it doesn't work out. I'm looking for a quick commute into UofC but hopefully a little more access to the city at large by public transit, bar culture isn't important to me but food options- especially ethnic food/good produce grocers are . I was thinking Kenwood, Bronzeville, Bridgeport and maybe McKinley Park and other Southwest areas with access to transit. I'm bringing my car, at least for the first year, and would like a place I could park it multiple days without worrying about tickets or parking rules too much. Am I missing other options?
  11. Definitely need a car unless you're living uber central, even then if you like cooking at home you'll probably want one. We have a limited rail system, but its pretty expensive and doesn't have connectivity in the suburbs so you'll have the "last mile" issue where theres no way to your final destination. Similarly, I'm bringing my car to Chicago, if only for the possibility I will have a field placement out of reach or that requires home visits. I would really like to sell it and be done ASAP, however.
  12. Eh everyone is moving here and it's completely unsustainable economicallly. Denver was seriously under developed and now it's happening all at once. We have a really terrible public education system here and there are a lot of opportunities for people with advanced degrees which creates this segregated economy where most people with good jobs aren't from here. The cost of living keeps going up as neighborhoods gentrify. Honestly I'll never be able to afford a home in Denver large enough for a family. Gotta get out now, unfortunately.
  13. When I see job postings in the 60s they are largely either high paying (and rare) administrative positions or hospital social work. I think you could also get into the 60s and beyond with a well developed private practice. Hardly a starting salary, that is for sure.
  14. I'm driving my car and my SO's family is also driving two SUV's out with us. We're shipping soft goods and books etc via Amtrak Freight and taking furniture and fragile items in the cars. We're selling the big ticket items as the couch, mattress we have aren't really nice enough to justify spending $$$ to move them when we could upgrade them for less.
  15. Well I am at work right now so I feel you.... I finally took my office up on the opportunity to work from home so nobody would see my senioritis in action! Don't forget to take any vacation time before you go!