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  1. Yes- same decision as you and midmarsh. What are you both thinking?
  2. There isn't a formal letter but it includes info. about the visit days, financial aid, a welcome message, etc. Hope that helps!
  3. I applied to IED.
  4. Masters
  5. For everyone waiting for IED/ICE, the admitted students portal seems to be working now.
  6. Nope.
  7. Congrats to everyone accepted!! I was also admitted to IEP!
  8. Thank you! Sending hopeful thoughts your way!
  9. I submitted my application at the end of December- maybe the 30th or the 31st. I'm assuming the acceptances come in at all different times, as they have rolling admissions.
  10. I was accepted to Penn's IEDP-M today. Anyone else?
  11. I was accepted to the IEPM program today! Any one else out there who applied for IEPM?
  12. I received the same. I applied for IEP.
  13. To attempt to answer your questions: 1. I wrote activities that wouldn't be considered employment but are still relevant to education and the program to which I am applying (IEP)- volunteer ESL instructor, internship at a homeless shelter, member of community service sorority in college, current membership in a edtech professional development cohort. I am not sure about including sports. It may be interesting to add if it is still an important part of who you are. 2. I am also a teacher and did not drastically change my resume but focused most on parts that were relevant to international ed. and included presentations and research (don't know if this was necessary, as there was space for this on another part of the application). I'm not sure how helpful this is but it's something. Good luck finishing up your application!
  14. I applied to the International Education Policy and Management M. Ed. Program! Anyone else apply for IEPM?
  15. I loved that book. I am now reading Small, Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Very well-written with great character development. It focuses on race, power, and privilege in the U.S.. The two main characters are a female African American nurse and a male skinhead and the story is about the way in which their lives come to intersect. Some parts are hard to get through but definitely worth a read.