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  1. Well I mean the username and the pw they gave regarding the online application process. Did they email some new info about the portal coz I did not receive any...
  2. Using the same username and pw but still says"invalid".
  3. Senior Law student in China, GPA 3.5, been in exchange program with Columbia SIPA, now have been working for 4 months in Cairo for a Refugee Legal Aid Program. The motivation letter for the scholarship basically just said my financial need and how important it is for my enrollment.
  4. I guess it is need-based, I got partial scholarship, wondering what profile can get full scholarship...But it is already much cheaper than schools in the States!
  5. Do we have a fb group for all the IHEID newbies? I am in MIA.
  6. Haha I went to Uni in China plus summer school in Columbia, and don't speak French. My GPA is only 3.5 though, so happy after PSIA turned me down!
  7. Got in MIA! With partial scholarship! See you guys in Sep!
  8. I have long heard that they fancy American...
  9. I can only see American get accepted ...
  10. I thought they will notify us around 20 but I guess sooner the better coz PSIA has rejected me and all I can count on is IHEID, so if they reject me as well I really need to think about what I am gonna do the first year after college to boost my chance to be accepted next year ...but if they only fancy American or French speaker then I think there is nothing I can do to make them want me. But I do now colleges in the States do give high GPA, at least compared to that in China, I only got a 3.5,
  11. Yaaaaas! Still my last year in college
  12. I applied both too in the second week of Jan and haven't received any result, not MDev though. Fingers crossed!
  13. St. Andrew's Refugee Services, if you happen to know
  14. Who also applied for ScPo PSIA? I applied both programs on 13 Jan and I think they will both release the result mid-march? I kind of have a panic attack tonight starting to prepare for Plan B- finding a job, even though I am still doing a NGO internship in Cairo... Many of my colleagues either they are ScPo graduates or worked in UN Geneva before, both programs both share high reputation in IR/NGO, hope I can get in, because it's too hard to find a job/paid internship with only bachelor degree and six-month NGO work experience
  15. Great to see y'all! I am writing my SOP as well, but just confirmed with my referees with the LoRs so it's a good thing I am a law student in China and plan to apply for IA with focus on security studies in IHEID and Sciences Po, my gap is 3.5. Though applying straight from undergrads, I am now having working experience on refugees issues in Middle East, volunteered in an Asia country on development issue and was a visiting student in Columbia University last year, so I think my chance is not slim. Anyone know about the the difference between MIA and Master in International Relations/PoliSci? Fingers crossed!