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  1. I haven't heard anything yet either :/ doesn't seem like a very good sign
  2. Mine doesn't show that either! Got the rejection email this morning. Let me know if you call them about it. I'm assuming it's just a glitch because their website is archaic.
  3. Glad I started this discussion. Thanks everyone for your input I had no idea that DeVos has been art friendly in the past. What a twist. Though it doesn't make me feel less nervous. It seems like private universities with funded programs might be the safer bet? Either way I agree it's smart to find out where exactly funding is coming in for each program before deciding. I will be sure to post here about any details on the funding sources of certain schools as I learn more.
  4. She said every department is different but this is the general timeline.
  5. Is anyone else getting worried about the security of funded schools considering the chaos of our current administration? Funding/stipends for graduate students in science fields was temporarily suspended a couple of weeks ago. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/01/30/trump-administration-lifts-temporary-freeze-on-epa-grants/?utm_term=.d6a311c4b9dd Now with Devos heading the Education Department the future looks even bleaker. And with talks of NEA funding getting removed... While I'm sure some funding comes from private endowments it seems like much of the funding for state schools would come from the government. Does anyone have deeper insight on the sources of funding and how programs could be affected? Would this be an appropriate question to ask in an interview? It sure feels like a weird time to apply to grad schools
  6. I actually called them today to figure out scheduling. She said she couldn't give me definitive dates but phone/skype interviews should be announced the third week of February. Acceptances are typically announced mid-march which I believe is earlier than last year?
  7. Going to do in person, even though it will be quite the trek! I think it will be worth it.
  8. Thanks for this input. Hoping it applies to art programs! Some of my schools note that recommenders must get letters in before the deadline. That is ridiculous. I hope everything works out! I'm writing a sample/detailed guideline for my letter right now in hopes that it will help my recommender send it in ASAP
  9. Since this is the place to freak, I'm freaking because one of my recommenders still hasn't submitted her letters. I originally asked in September and we've been in touch regularly since. I last heard from her 4 days ago and she still hadn't started writing it but says she will. Two of my schools deadlines are by the end of the day tomorrow! Does anyone know if applications are completely rejected if letters are submitted late or if there are only 2? I guess I either need to somehow seek last minute emergency back up or stop being type A and trust that she'll get it done. Horror application scenario. Beyond my control and does not feel good.
  10. haha tempting suggestion
  11. Thanks for your thoughts! There is one body of work I will be submitting that is meant to exist in groups. For that reason I see the installation shot from the show necessary, but does that make the individual shots of these works detail shots? I also make installations, so I'm generally not feeling the restrictions in detail shots over here. pfhmmmp
  12. What I'm wondering is whether exhibition photos are acceptable? This isn't really mentioned on any of the applications I've seen. Some of my work is installation based which I will definitely be including, but what about gallery shots of multiple pieces hanging on the wall? Thanks!
  13. University of Oregon is 3 years with full tuition waiver and teaching stipends. Great faculty and environment