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  1. See if you can publish some of your work in the Monkey Cage. It could be a good barometer to see if political scientists are interested in your work as well. They straddle political science and policy.
  2. No, I wouldn't retake. This advice may be helpful for you because you're Australian: They talk about GREs and everything else needed for a successful application.
  3. I think there is a reason why they don't publish it... They definitely would put it online if they placed well in the United States.
  4. Still haven't heard from Toronto for the MA. Does anyone know if they're sending out more acceptances or should I consider it as a rejection?
  5. Are you applying for a PhD or a Masters??
  6. Does anyone know how long applications generally take from being in review to having a result?
  7. Mine still says 'submitted'... At least it doesn't say 'rejected' haha.
  8. Their deadline for the MA in Political Science was the first week of January unfortunately. In other news, has anyone heard from other schools yet? I'm surprised there aren't more of us participating on the Canadian thread this year.
  9. Does anyone know when we can expect to hear back from Canadian universities?
  10. So what would you recommend? That we don't go to non top 10 school?
  11. I'm applying to Toronto and McGill, as well as some universities in my home country, for an MA in comparative politics. I'm wondering if I should add more applications...