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  1. I'm sorry I won't be meeting you lovely people in july, I'm sure we will all end up exactly where we belong in the end. I wish you all the best!
  2. Congrats Khalifeh! I was following your fulbright trajectory, I'm glad you ended up where you wanted to be!
  3. @Diesek no, I had emailed then a couple of days back about deferring and was still waiting to hear back when they called me
  4. @hunny7 they called my house and then I got the letter with the details
  5. oh my god you guys. In a crazy and completely unexpected turn of events i was offered the full scholarship just now. I'm completely taken aback considering how clearly admissions had stated that I was not given anything! I'm still in shock. So there you have it, my previous advice might have been mistaken. Good luck to all and thank you for the support! I honestly would have lost my mind without gradcafe!
  6. Does lky not award any partial scholarships? It's either full ride or nothing at all? I think more of their accepted applicants would attend if they received at least some help, they'd get more of their tp picks that way
  7. ok guys so I spoke to LKY, they said I didn't get a scholarship and that chances of scholarships being redistributed are slim, exact words were "I can't tell you if it could happen but I would say no". So, there you have it. For anyone still wondering if your letter didn't contain the scholarship that's the end of the game unless a miracle happens but don't hold your breath. oh and for people still waiting, since all of us from the first batch have to submit our decision by thursday chances are the next round of acceptances will start either friday or next monday or tuesday (this is conjecture on my part, LKY didn't tell me this). Acceptances are done in batches not in a steady stream so don't worry if you don't hear in the next few days, usually they do all of them together throughout one or two days.
  8. well I saw a SAIS openhouse video from a few years back where one of the students said that if you were looking for finance, wall street, etc. you would be better off in NYC for career prospects but that if you were into multilateral orgs, think tanks, etc. DC was the place to be. He did say for finance ppl they would have to commute back and forth to NY if they really wanted to network. If you want to do finance at the World Bank though SAIS can't be beat. Here: It's quite old but I hope it helps anyway
  9. Yes @Daniyal1986, the only person to post here was Theo who got a scholarship. If anyone else got one please let us know.
  10. I would say Duke, much better aid, Durham is way cheaper than Chicago and the name difference isn't too big. I'd say UChicago is probably a step below HBP and Duke is maybe two steps below, or one and half. Where do you feel you fit in the most? Where will you be happier.
  11. Hi CPRMPA, congrats on getting into upenn! I'm glad you had a good cycle and got into such a great school. Would you mind elaborating a bit on why you didn't love WWS? I'd love some insight from someone who visited.
  12. I think it happened within a few minutes, I'm not sure if I just had good timing and checked the portal right before they sent the email or if it had been that way for a while. They probably change the portal right before sending the email. Thanks for the congratulations everyone Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  13. So I haven't gotten an email but I checked the portal and it says "offer made" and gives me the option of accepting or declining. No letter or funding details though! Check your portals just in case! Edit: Got the official e-mail. Sadly no scholarship offer.
  14. Congrats @Theo20!!!! Glad to see results are finally coming out. Do you mind telling us at what time you got the email? Singaporean time that is
  15. Mpa dream would you mind sharing a brief profile of yourself? (Previous education, work exp, tests) I'm trying to figure out if there's any correlation between being called to interview and past policy experience since some people who were interviewed seem to have a different background to the program (engineers, private sector analysts, etc.) while others who do have public service experience or related majors were not.