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  1. could the person who posted about their acceptance to York's clinical developmental program please PM me with their POI if you're comfortable. thanks!
  2. Oh no, I hope not Why don't you try calling the office?
  3. Mine is still there and my status says "in process" even though I'm on the waitlist
  4. I applied to the MA in Developmental Psychology and Education at OISE but I checked my ROSI and it says that I have been invited for the M.Ed program. Does anyone know if this is an unofficial acceptance? Thanks!
  5. I'm a little surprised that no one has posted anything yet on the results page about York acceptances
  6. Wondering this as well. Has anyone heard back?
  7. I believe interviews for clinical psychology at Calgary were conducted in January and the visiting day was in February
  8. Wondering this as well. I haven't heard from my POI at all. Do they actually send out rejection letters in the mail? I haven't heard of this. - Nevermind! I checked the results section.
  9. Not yet. I'm checking my email every hour though lol :/
  10. Yes I think we were supposed to be notified by yesterday but I guess there is some delay. Hopefully we hear soon Thanks!
  11. I don't think anyone in the child track has been notified about their status yet
  12. Did you apply to the adult clinical track? Mine still says In Process and I applied to the child track
  13. me too please! and congrats!!
  14. Does anyone know if OISE SCCP is still conducting interviews?
  15. Same! Hopefully we hear by tonight