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  1. Hey everyone, so I just had my interview for my internship today. They asked for references which caught me off guard because I had interviewed for another placement and they didn't. The woman made it sound as if there were other people competing for the internship spot. I would think that a CSU would only have the right number of people interviewing for the position. Is this normal? I'm anxious now.
  2. Anyone know of any reputable websites to apply to scholarships? i've heard of scholarship points but I feel like they're a scam. Thanks!
  3. Yes I'll be there
  4. So happy to announce I got accepted to CSUSM!
  5. Thank you! have you heard back from CSUSM? Cool to see another person from the San Diego area wanting to go to CSUSM
  6. That's crazy especially if you didn't tell them if you wanted to apply to the 2 year program. What sucks for me is this is the only school I applied to because I live in north county in San Diego with my mom and didn't want to deal with commuting to SDSU. All of this is giving me a really bad impression. And I'm at a loss of what to do...
  7. Yea I was very surprised at how they dealt with the whole situation. It was very frustrating being told so many different dates and waiting to hear back just to be told it was cancelled. I didn't even know they only needed 30 applicants. Wow..... What I think is ridiculous is that they obviously knew when they closed the applications that they didn't have enough applicants for their 3 year program. Why it took them so long to tell us is beyond me.
  8. So I finally heard back from CSUSM. After being told by numerous staff for their MSW program that I would hear back in early March, then late March, and now April. They WONT be having their 3 year program that I applied to, they said there weren't enough applicants. So now I decided to apply to their 2 year program instead considering they opened up another cohort. Hoping to hear back in around 2 weeks! My Stats: Bachelor's in Social Work from Humboldt State University GPA: 3.5 I have 9 months of experience working at a homeless shelter for teens, a years worth of experience working at a group home for teens/pregnant and parenting teens, 9 months working as a Special Education Aide in a K-3 Mod-Severe classroom, 6 months (and still currently working) at a rehab for adults struggling with alcohol/drug addiction. Sadly I forgot to add my community college transcript ( I took a class over the summer one year) so I was taken out of the priority pool
  9. If you get into CSUSM let me know, that's where I applied
  10. Anybody heard from any CSU's yet? I applied to CSU San marcos and haven't hear anything. They said I should hear by the end of the month....my anxiety is killing me! lol
  11. Anyone heard anything? i just e-mailed them because on their website it says that the application is closed and the cohort is full. They responded and said that I would hear back by the end of the month.
  12. I just e-mailed them and they said I would hear by the end of the month. I feel like that's not a good sign :/
  13. My other friend who is currently in their 2 year program replied as well. She said: No you can't apply for your ASW number until you have a MSW degree so you can't get hours. I think that because I want to do ICWA Bear River was for me. I think that what you learn in rural areas and working with indigenous peoples will be able to be used when working with any POC or other vulnerable populations. Working and attending a school who's focus is exactly that is very rare in the SW arena and a privilege for us who do get to do that.
  14. Have you heard from CSU San Marcos yet? I called them about a month ago and they told me I would hear back around the beginning of March. I contacted them a couple days ago and they said now that I won't hear until the end of March. I applied last minute and forgot to put a transcript in for a community college I took a summer class at. They pulled me out of the priority pool which sucks but when I spoke to them a couple of days ago they said that they were looking now at people who applied that weren't in the priority pool.
  15. There are a lot of different placements. Working in schools, with the elderly, homeless population, etc. From what I know I think it depends on the site with accruing LCSW hours. I had a friend that completed their 1 year program. she enjoyed it but didn't feel fully prepared when she graduated. She said that the county mostly offered field placements for people that had gotten stipends. Tribes also offered placements as well. She said everyone else had to find a LCSW that was willing to help. Basically if you didn't have a stipend you had a lot of options. I know when I got my BSW I felt like the rural area wasn't exactly limiting but in a more populated area there would just be more opportunities. There's pros and cons with going to humboldt, rent is cheap but it's very rural.