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  1. If you get into CSUSM let me know, that's where I applied
  2. Anybody heard from any CSU's yet? I applied to CSU San marcos and haven't hear anything. They said I should hear by the end of the month....my anxiety is killing me! lol
  3. Anyone heard anything? i just e-mailed them because on their website it says that the application is closed and the cohort is full. They responded and said that I would hear back by the end of the month.
  4. I just e-mailed them and they said I would hear by the end of the month. I feel like that's not a good sign :/
  5. My other friend who is currently in their 2 year program replied as well. She said: No you can't apply for your ASW number until you have a MSW degree so you can't get hours. I think that because I want to do ICWA Bear River was for me. I think that what you learn in rural areas and working with indigenous peoples will be able to be used when working with any POC or other vulnerable populations. Working and attending a school who's focus is exactly that is very rare in the SW arena and a privilege for us who do get to do that.
  6. Have you heard from CSU San Marcos yet? I called them about a month ago and they told me I would hear back around the beginning of March. I contacted them a couple days ago and they said now that I won't hear until the end of March. I applied last minute and forgot to put a transcript in for a community college I took a summer class at. They pulled me out of the priority pool which sucks but when I spoke to them a couple of days ago they said that they were looking now at people who applied that weren't in the priority pool.
  7. There are a lot of different placements. Working in schools, with the elderly, homeless population, etc. From what I know I think it depends on the site with accruing LCSW hours. I had a friend that completed their 1 year program. she enjoyed it but didn't feel fully prepared when she graduated. She said that the county mostly offered field placements for people that had gotten stipends. Tribes also offered placements as well. She said everyone else had to find a LCSW that was willing to help. Basically if you didn't have a stipend you had a lot of options. I know when I got my BSW I felt like the rural area wasn't exactly limiting but in a more populated area there would just be more opportunities. There's pros and cons with going to humboldt, rent is cheap but it's very rural.
  8. 1. From and living in San Diego 2. What's My Name? Rihanna 3. Capricorn
  9. From the research I've done and the fact that my mother has her MSW and LCSW and got her MSW from a state school I don't think the prestigiousness of a school matters. I believe the experience you have whether it be volunteering, work experience or an internship speaks way more than the school you went to. Nevertheless, there are always organizations and agencies that will care what school you go to. Personally I wouldn't want to work for a company where they care more the name of the school you went to versus the experience you have. California: San Diego State University is very well known, they were the first CSU to have a Social Work program and their program has been around since the 60's. A big plus is that it's a state school so it's not expensive. I know USC has a very good MSW program, but they are expensive though I've heard they do give scholarships. New York: My cousin is going to Columbia for her MSW. She says she really likes the program, but obviously the downside is the cost of living and how high tuition is. I don't know of any good MSW programs in New York.
  10. I agree, I'm from San Diego and the public transportation out here isn't that great. There are buses, trollies and trains but they definitely don't come that often.
  11. I'm fairly certain most csu's ask for official transcripts. I applied to CSUSM and they required it.
  12. I got my BSW at Humboldt State and have many friends who are getting their MSW there or have already gotten it there. What kind of questions do you have?
  13. It was on my transcript from my 4 year university. I completely forgot to request the transcript so it's my fault. Thankfully I'm having it electronically delivered. I'm just worried now that there will be negative repercussions because of my father e-mailing the Department Chair as well as the fact that I e-mailed 2 different staff about this issue. Oh well though, part of me feels like they're used to this kind of thing. Only thing I can do now is wait.
  14. I understand you're point. honestly I don't even know where to begin with what to say to my father, but I'm definitely going to be e-mailing the Department Chair apologizing on my father's behalf for what he did. You're right it is my responsibility, I was rushed in the process and last minute decided to apply to graduate school. Now I've learned my lesson. Either way though it is crappy that my dad had to go and e-mail the Department Chair without telling me. And you're completely right, the only way they knew about me being at a community college was because it was on my transcript from my 4 year university. They were the ones that caught it and obviously didn't comb through my application when I applied in the beginning. You're right, thank you.
  15. I posted this in the Social Work thread but thought it would be better to post it here: I applied to CSU San Marcos on January 3rd with my transcripts from the 4 year university i went to, the 3 letters of recommendation and my personal narrative. Today I get an email stating that I need to send in transcripts from Mira Costa Community College ( I took a summer class there years ago). I'm very frustrated that it took the university a whole month to contact me. On top of that I have now found out that I am not in the priority applicant pool anymore. I know it is my responsibility to have the transcripts in, but it is also the universities responsibility to communicate accordingly and I don't feel that has happened. To make things worse, my father has emailed the Department Chair of the MSW Program asking that once my transcripts are recieved to be put back in the priority pool. Now I didn't ask him to do this, he did this on his own without talking to me. So my question is: am I in the wrong to feel this way? What can I do?