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  1. Congratulations! That's so exciting!
  2. That's a great point that I didn't think about! However, I talked with another person on here about this and they had an idea to reach out to someone in a Facebook group for the school's CSD program. I would suggest you also see if someone who attends those schools is still active on here.
  3. This is tricky. First off, I think what we have read and heard about rankings is true—they really don't matter. As long as you have talked to grad students and they have felt supported and have the resources they need to excel, I would say forget them (I totally get it, though. I find myself caring about them too as I make this decision!) I am not sure what to say about the focuses and tuition, though. It sounds like program B is a better fit, but would you have a harder time working with multicultural populations after school if you do not go to program B? Everyone says to go to the cheapest program, because you will get your certification and be able to work in any setting after attending any accredited program. I am not in this situation quite yet, but I might be (waiting to hear on one school). Have you talked to faculty at program A about multicultural opportunities in clinicals, visited both programs, and chatted with grad students? Best of luck. I wish I could help more!
  4. Yes, that's what I've heard, too! And I'm assuming we won't hear on Friday the first
  5. I was only wait listed at MGH but I have a close friend who attends there. I spent a lot of time with him and chatted with his therapy partner about their experiences at MGH. I asked them a lot of the same questions so some of the information they told me may be helpful! Why did you choose X program I know my friend chose MGH because he liked the options of choosing a track and he felt the name would help him get a medical SLP job. He received a scholarship, but he was still taken aback by the costs. Now that he's attending, he said he gets mad sometimes at how expensive it is for what he is getting, but then he reminds himself that there are so many great things about the program and that he would find things he didn't love in any program. What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic? How are clients paired with students? I just know that you start clinic right away at MGH. Clinics are done with a "dyad" partner, so you share the same client. I think they said that you take turns observing/note-taking and conducting the session... but I'm not 100% sure. Surviving without car? He lives in Dorchester and does not have a car (he says this is the 'ghetto,' fyi...). His commute is 1 hour, and it does involve a bit of walking. He doesn't have a problem with it at all and said he was glad he sold his car. Parking fees are expensive in Boston! And the transit system is so great. (If you are from there, excuse the useless info!) How are classes/workload? Challenging but possible? He actually finds grad school to be totally fine. He said he is busy, but he is not stressed at all. I have heard other stories of students being completely busy and stressed in SLP programs, so it could just be him! He is a first year. Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help? Classmate interaction? He said everyone--faculty and students--are super nice and he feels very supported. He reminded me that once you're in, faculty really wants you to succeed (which makes a lot of sense... they want to show that they are releasing well-rounded clinicians with 100% employment/Praxis passing/etc rates).
  6. So sick of waiting on Redlands!
  7. @MaytheSchwartzBeWithYou Thank you so, SO much for your response. I know that only I can determine what is right for myself and my family, but I have felt so "stuck in my own head" in these worries. I have been considering deferment, but I am wondering if that would not be the right choice—I can't predict the future, and maybe in two years I could move home at the most critical time to help my family. It's just hard to know, and although there is no such thing as recovery at his point in COPD, it is hard to guess how long he has. However, I am realizing that I need to look into deferment or leaves of absence options. I can't tell you how much hearing all of this helps!
  8. Is anyone going to the Emerson event? I would love to ask some questions about it if anyone goes! I would love to attend, but I just can't make it that weekend from Colorado. Does anyone know who I should contact to let them know I can't make it? Or is this necessary?
  9. Now that I have received a few acceptances and am really getting ready for grad school and for a move, I am worried. My dad is very sick and entered end-stage COPD last year. It's really hard to anticipate how long he will live, but it is likely it won't be through my graduate studies. Not only do I feel grief over my dad being sick, but it is a difficult disease for caregivers (my mom and sister) to handle. I am feeling EPIC guilt about this. I haven't lived near home in a long time (parents are in Cali, I've been in Colorado and Utah) and now I am considering moving even further away. My mom says I need to move forward with my life, but I just feel terrible. I am waiting to hear from a school near them (Redlands) but my chances are very slim considering I am an out-of-fielder and have a low GPA. I am planning to move home for the summer to spend time with him, but if I go to Boston my summer will be very short. I would be home more often than I have been these past handful of years, but that still doesn't feel like much right now. At the same time, I am 28 and am so eager to enter graduate school but I feel pretty selfish. I just don't know what to do. Am I doing a bad thing if I move away to school? I have never had to deal with anything like this before, so all thoughts and experiences are greatly appreciated.
  10. Congrats @jmk! It's nice that you have the option of a cheaper price tag, whether you decide to accept or not!
  11. I would call them. It might be nothing, but you should call just in case.
  12. I did, too. I hope you are getting better news from other programs!
  13. I was also wait listed, but I have not heard a word from App State. I also saw that some people have heard back... but I thought most of them were wait lists? So I think it could still go either way for us!
  14. Thanks so much for sharing! I am really bummed out that they are notifying so late!