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  1. Some schools have a grade you have to meet (usually a B or B-) for these prerequisites. Others don't have requirements (Personally, I would not retake them if I was applying to schools that didn't). You will need to contact your programs to find out.
  2. Reading examples is a great idea. Also take a look at personal statement prompts of schools you are interested in, if you can find them. I kept a running document of ANY ideas I had for my personal statement on my computer. It was like a brain dump of bullet points of experiences I wanted to highlight, themes for the essay, and actual language I used in mine. I found it really helpful to have this so I could sort through my ideas. It also helped keep me from becoming overwhelmed by the task because I was worried I would forget good ideas I had or had too many ideas to voice. You will most likely go through many drafts before writing your final essay, so don't be afraid to get something down on paper. Even if you don't like what you've written, at least you've gotten it out of your system and you can start on another draft!
  3. Your GPA is not "embarrassingly low" but I felt the same way about mine, so I understand. I also had a health issue my first year of school. Your GPA does not mean you can't get into program—I got into 4 great ones! I applied to some programs that looked at the last 60 units (my GPA for that is around 3.9) and funnily those were ones I was wait listed at or rejected from. I am not saying you should not apply to schools that look at the last 60. I think you should, and there are other factors that went into play for my rejections (U of A is very competitive anyway, for example). I agree with Crimson Wife about mentioning health issues briefly in your personal statement without being specific; I did. In one sentence, mention that you suffered from health issues which lowered your GPA, but I also suggest you counter that statement with proof that when you were healthy you were able to handle rigorous coursework (e.g., last 60 GPA, etc.) You want to take a positive approach when mentioning it. I emailed schools before applying bringing this up. Most of them suggested doing well on my GRE. You can see my scores below... they're not great (only my verbal was great), but that is the general advice to show you can handle the academic piece. I am glad I emailed them, and most told me that they take a holistic approach to the admissions process. As I'm sure you know, use EdFind! Look at % acceptance, average scores, and the range of GPAs they admitted—I think this last one might be the most important. It will be hard to get into schools that only admit students with a GPA range of 3.5-4.0, even if the average GPA is a little lower than another school's. I also think that our GPAs mean we have to make other aspects of our application really great! I had excellent LoRs, which I think made a big difference. And I think my personal statement was good as well. You can do it!! Good luck!
  4. Emerson College: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1778895245759225/
  5. And congratulations to you!! That is so exciting that you are able to feel good about where you are going! We will both be far from home, and I feel the same way about it being a good experience! Let's connect—there is a Facebook page for CD students titled EC CD MS 17!
  6. I am not sure if we need to do any reading this summer, but if you are motivated, I am reading The Brain That Changes Itself and highly recommend it! It is about neuroplasticity, a fundamental concept behind rehabilitation and development. I did not mean to read something related to my career, but am finding it very relevant.
  7. You guys are all wonderful, thank you so much for your support!
  8. I'm sorry, I have been sort of avoiding this forum because of this decision! It has been a seriously emotional and teary rollercoaster (sort of ridiculous, I know—I am blessed to have options!) but I have come to a decision. I will be attending Emerson next year. My dad was hopeful I would move to Cali—we are Italian, and family is everything!—but he is supportive of my decision. I was talking to my mom and we were discussing how by Christmas I will be 1/4 of the way done if I go to Emerson, and I won't have even started the prerequisites yet at Redlands. There are other factors in the mix... my long-term partner is applying to med school, and if he cannot get into a school near me we will only be apart for one year if I go to Boston, versus two years if I go to Redlands. He is going to apply to soCal programs so we might have the option to be near my family. I know there is no guarantee he will get in, but Emerson just provides flexibility sooner. I'm also not sure if this is viable, but I could possibly stay at home for a few months after my program or do my CFY there. If my dad's health does go downhill, I will need to take a break regardless of whether I am in Cali or Boston—I will be there for my family. My sister and I also laid out all of my breaks. I am planning to purchase tickets to CA for every one of them (they are surprisingly affordable, minus over Thanksgiving), and I am going to try to be home every 2 months. It makes me feel better to know I will be home more often than I have been in my working life over the past 5 years. There was no wrong answer here, and I know I would be very happy at either program. I knew I would regret something if I went to either one, too. I guess the other piece is that in my gut, I really want the experience of Boston and to go to Emerson, and I honestly felt sort of sad when I was admitted to Redlands because I felt obligated to go. I have not heard anything really negative about either program, but I had to pick something! I am worried people will think I am a bad person for choosing the program away from family. I am teary writing this, because I worry so much about my dad, but I cannot plan for his death and I have no idea when it will happen. I am now focusing on trying to feel confident with my decision and moving forward with this adventure! Also, I just need to say, THANK YOU everyone for all of your help!!! (And thanks for the emotional dump here!)
  9. It is frustrating that this is taking so long, but it is also great that they are being so communicative in this process. I think I am going to remove myself from the wait list. I hope this helps you guys out!
  10. I got another saying this: Dear XXXX, This is just a note to let you know that the Graduate School has not received the program's admission recommendations yet. We hope to have them soon, but it may take up to three days for us to process the decisions when we get them from the program. Please be patient with us. We will try to keep you informed of any new information we receive from the program. Thank you, Your Admissions Specialists Julia A Madison 828-227-2925 jamadison@wcu.edu Marcia Godfrey 828-227-3175 mcgodfrey@wcu.edu Western Carolina University 110 Cordelia Camp Cullowhee, N.C. 28723 Fax: 828-227-7480 GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm hoping you get in!!!
  11. Yes; I was offered a spot on the 19th.
  12. MGH offers 5 prereqs that you can complete in one summer.
  13. I want to be in the west after my program, but probably no Cali. Does that make a big difference career-wise in this field? I AM SO TORN!!!
  14. Gosh, that's so hard! What a switch, but congrats! Isn't it hard to change your whole mindset about where you will be living and everything? Thank you so much for the offer to connect—I may take you up on that!
  15. Guyssss Redlands offered me a spot today with 24 hours to accept! I should be more excited but I feel ill.....!