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  1. You won't run into the EXACT questions you practice, but you will certainly run into the same types of questions and/or concepts. Studying will help to practice the test-taking skills and strategies specific to the GRE, and get in the mode of thinking critically on the tests. I second loving Magoosh. I would really suggest taking the time to study, especially to kick up that verbal score. It's unpleasant but worth it!
  2. I have to take a million prerequisites this summer before starting But I'm still crazy excited!
  3. The Lenovo Yoga computers are good laptop/tablet hybrids and are relatively cheap. However, I don't think you will need anything other than your 4-year-old Mac. I will be using a Mac older than that. If it can run Word, browse the internet, and run PPTs I think you're good! Unless you have extra cash to spend and really want one... then go for it
  4. Yes, I found them to be very accurate. I suggest using the ETS materials and Magoosh. I'm not sure if this is true, but I heard that Princeton Review practice questions can be easier than the actual test.
  5. No problem! It is a terribly stressful process and I was on grad cafe all the time when I was applying. But you will make it through!
  6. And just to give you an idea: I am 28 and worked in unrelated fields immediately after college. I have a degree in English. I worked as a language therapist (kind of a mix between SLPA and behavioral therapist) in an excellent clinic for 2 years. I worked under professionals who are published and well-known in the field and they wrote my letters. It sounds like your experience is great!
  7. @AVSchilling1995 Sure! I got into Emerson College, University of Redlands (off of their wait list), Northern Arizona University, and University of the Pacific. I was wait listed at MGH and Western Carolina University, and not offered a spot from their wait lists. Rejected outright from Appalachian State, CU Boulder, New Mexico State, and University of Arizona. I applied out-of-field so I could only apply to schools that offered 3-year programs. My list would have probably looked a lot different if I had the prerequisites, meaning there are many more schools that might be good for you to apply to! I also want to point out that I was rejected from a couple of the "less-competitive" programs and accepted at others that are considered more competitive. Remember to pick schools that are a good fit for your experience and interests (while also being reasonable)—many of them may see that and decide you are a good fit for them as well!
  8. You don't need to break the bank! I have been buying cheap professional clothes for years but when I first had to buy them I wasted money at J Crew and Banana Republic because I didn't know any better. Try H&M, Target, Nordstrom Rack, thrift stores if you live in an area with good ones, Old Navy sales racks, sometimes Macy's sale racks, and Express. I'm sure TJ Maxx and Ross have great finds, too. I second the outlet comment. I think a couple pairs of slacks, some blouses, and a couple of cardigans will do the trick to start!
  9. Oh, and get on EdFind and look at the stats of people who were accepted into programs. Find schools that accepted students with a 3.3 or below this year to be realistic.
  10. I had a 3.3 when I applied. I was told that my GRE needed to be strong to counter it (I ended up getting 158V, 149Q scores, so my math wasn't good at all). However, I have been out of school a while so I had great LoRs and work experience. It sounds like you are setting yourself up to have great letters. I would focus on the GRE and make sure your personal statement is excellent (make sure to have it edited by may people and keep rewriting it!) I was accepted to 4 schools and wait listed at 2, so you can do it!!!
  11. This is only semi-related, but I am also very interested in this track and asked about it at the CU Boulder open house. It was sort of a red button, and they thought the clinical doctorate was ridiculous and unnecessary. They said that you can practice in all the same ways with a Master's and that there is not an ASHA-outline structure for these programs. They made it clear they never planned to offer one. I know other programs feel completely differently, but I thought I'd share that!
  12. I did not have a single CSD prerequisite completed before being accepted into a graduate program. I am taking all CSD-specific prerequisites this summer in a condensed format through my graduate program. I also applied to programs that extended the length of the graduate program to complete prereqs. I have an English degree. It is all a very personal choice. I chose to go this route because I am 28 and am ready to be in grad school. It limited the schools I could apply to but I am happy where it led me. It also meant there wasn't a chance I would have paid to do an entire year of classes to then not get accepted. But it depends on what is important to you! I will say that if you have time don't waste it—schools will like to see that you are working towards your goal (for example, last year I was working in a language clinic full-time and taking gen. ed. ASHA prereqs after work while also applying).
  13. Emerson College! It starts on July 5, but I'm not sure if it's full!
  14. I am currently typing from a weird Airbnb in Buffalo, New York right now on my way from Colorado to Boston so I FEEL YOU! Yes, I am ecstatic to be in grad school but this moving thing blows. I'm tired of living out of a car and I don't have an apartment yet! However, I can't complain because I have never moved a family before. The only tip I can offer is get rid of stuff!!! And I am using U-Box—it is great to not have to haul all of my things myself. Good luck!
  15. Oh, maybe I'm wrong then!