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  1. Anyone registered for econ summer courses?
  2. This happened to me too. I haven't gotten the new official funding offer yet though - but Nancy told me that I got 12k, 6k merit scholarship and a guaranteed TAship worth 5,400.
  3. Did you get accepted to NPSIA too?
  4. Anyone still trying to decide between NPSIA/GSPIA?
  5. I emailed some professors at GSPIA about the program - one of which being Roland Paris. He invited me to discuss on the phone this Friday so I'm hoping our chat will solidify my decision. As well, I emailed NPSIA about possibly increasing my funding to match uOttawa's offer. Fingers crossed!
  6. Even if I choose uOttawa, I will still do econ in the summer. Four master's courses plus the mandatory econ pass/fail course will be a lot anyways. Just something for people to consider!
  7. I got the 12,000 in the attached PDF and they briefly said I would get more info about the merit scholarship. I emailed Nancy today and she told me about the 6,000 merit scholarship and the TAship.
  8. I received 12,000 and a "merit scholarship" for my grades. This can range anywhere from 3-6k. I got 6,000. Also, I received a guaranteed TAship - 5,400 that I can do in second year. So actually, it's 23,400. BUT I have the option to apply for other TAships, so it could amount to more. Sorry, I assumed the TAship was for both years, that's why I thought it was 28,000 total. But Nancy said I'm only guaranteed the one year, so 5,400.
  9. uOttawa also admitted more students into their program this year tho - only the top half of the class get coop. My friend in first year said only 20-30 people got it out of a cohort of 90 students. So, I wouldn't base it off coop - NPSIA seems like the better option of the two for coop since they are so well regarded in Ottawa. Tabbatha also told me their placement rates are nearly 100 percent. The recognition at NPSIA is far better to land you coop opportunities than uOttawa, I'd say. My friend at GAC told me the professors at NPSIA are amazing and that a lot of the classes were very practical and gave hard skills that helped her in various federal job competitions. As much as I love the faculty at GSPIA - with a course load that heavy, especially if you do the pass/fail econ course, will you even have a lot of time to connect a lot outside of the classroom? Attend a lot of round tables and networking events? My friend at GSPIA said the first semester is VERY dry and heavy theory. And there is a lot of cool events but she's so swamped and stressed out that she can barely attend things.
  10. I'll be living at home during my studies so rent isn't a factor in my funding decision!
  11. I'm drawn to its reputation, the course-only option, I've heard it's a bit more on the practical side vs theory/research-based. It seems to have really great connections at GAC and at other private sector jobs. Help But, I find the profs at GSPIA more diverse and interesting.
  12. GSPIA has offered me 28,000.... NPSIA offered me 19k, Now i'm more torn than ever.
  13. I'm going to do it probably through Carleton over the summer! Either that or uOttawa.
  14. As much as I think Munk looks like a great school, I think your employment opportunities will be just as good with the MAGG - especially when you don't have a large student loan hanging over you, as you try and look for jobs/internships/new exciting opportunities. My tip is to go on linkedin and search students at both programs and see what they're up to. Personally, attending Munk would require me to take out a lot of loans - which would affect what internship I take ( could you afford to work for another four months unpaid?) After graduation, will those loans from Munk affect where I look for a job, etc?