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  1. Well I'm heading into march and rejections from two schools. Still waiting for one more school (my first choice). #waitingforamiracle
  2. Same here! i need to put myself out of this misery of the unknown.
  3. Thanks @Mnemonist Kenny and @Anechka
  4. For the NYU admits and rejects did your status change from "under department review" to whatever?
  5. Any news?
  6. Yeah same here.. what field?
  7. Anyone here waiting for NYU and didn't ask to be consider for the MA?
  8. So is NYU done? I i already have a MA and haven't received a rejection or acceptance yet...
  9. Whats the deal with Columbia? they sent out rejections to some but not others.. ahhhh
  10. Yeah, i'm in a strange position. A school i applied to already sent out acceptances, rejections and waitlist notifications. I've heard nothing at this point and obsessively checking my application portal.
  11. Ok, i'm waiting and i have a MA already.
  12. I see... ok well i guess i'll be checking my application portal every 20 minutes
  13. So how many people are still waiting for Columbia? seems really early for rejections..
  14. Totally!