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  1. This is quite impressive, especially considering the fact that we're all internet strangers. Bravo! 👏🏼 Just got done with day one, has been great so far! I'll msg you my thoughts in a bit!
  2. @yanicus - congratulations on the acceptance! 👏🏼 @aob981 and @chocochip, I just got to Athens for my campus visit and have a million mtgs with various people in the next two days, so if you guys want me to scope anything out or ask any particular questions, let me know! I don't mind sharing what I find out! Also, fwiw, the town has a pretty cool vibe. Kinda southern hipster (or, at least, my version of hipster. Haha). I quite like it!
  3. Oh, duh! 😂 You're right, I'll save any expressions of disbelief for next week! 😉
  4. Haha thanks! It's really crazy to me and kind of doesn't feel real. I'm kicking myself that I didn't try for UCLA too, but oh well - hindsight is 20/20 I guess. Hang in there!
  5. I'm glad my experience can help set your mind at ease! Don't give up. And thanks so much! I must say, I'm so grateful that I didn't take their hesitance to heart and still aimed high. I at least wanted to know for sure, and I'm really glad that it paid off. I think it's important to know that you gave it your best shot, regardless of the outcome. Best of luck with the rest of your season! Hang in there 😊
  6. I thought this would be the case for me, too. My advisors were also worried. Both of my degrees are from the same third-tier public uni, and I have average GRE scores, etc. etc. They were all shocked when I told them I was accepted with full funding + some at Madison, Davis, and SB. Last year, a friend from my cohort had a nearly clean sweep of 10 or so programs and ended up at a top-10. So needless to say, I think pedigree matters less than fit, and your WS, SOP and recs will show that better than anything else. And yes, I recognize my top three schools aren't Ivies (I didn't even try), but I feel like three top-30 schools is a good record coming from my uni, where most who go on for their PhD go to the third-tier uni 1.5 hours away. I guess I'm just trying to encourage you all not to worry. It may carry some weight, but I think it matters less than you think!
  7. Hahah! I'm in the same boat. I'm also married, and I put us on the family housing waitlist about a month ago but because we don't have kids they said it could take upwards of a year. You'd think they'd have all this figured out already, or give us stipends that we could actually live on. It seems like nowhere around SB if affordable in any sense of the term. The Motel 6 split is sounding like a great idea at this point 😂 At any rate, it would be great if we could all meet up at the open house, so as we get closer, let's all be in touch!
  8. Hooray UCSB! There seems to be quite a few of us 🎉 Are you going to the visiting day on the 10th? I do feel the same way about the decisions forum though. My pros and cons lists for my top two (Davis and SB) are getting quite long, each for different but equally important reasons. It's going to be tough!
  9. No problem! I really hope it helps. And I do agree...you guys are about the only thing that has kept me sane through all of this! Haha
  10. I'm an early modernist so I don't know if it would help, but I'm fairly certain I'll be declining my fully funded spot at UCR. I'm holding on for a bit bc I'm waiting on funding info at one of my top choices and am hoping to negotiate, but I hope to let them know within the next two weeks.
  11. Fantastic news! Congratulations! Yes, it is. I think it's down to Madison, Davis, and SB for me. I'm certainly open to an email chat anytime!
  12. I was accepted too! Congratulations to you! I will certainly be at the open house. I'm not sure about how much, if any, of the travel they cover; I would assume there will be some help (all of the programs I've been accepted to have a set amount they've offered to help with), but my partner and I were already planning to vacation a couple of hours away from there, so I wasn't really planning on finding out. I'm sure we will hear as soon as they send a schedule for the day, though. Maybe I'll see you there!
  13. Thank you! I already know that I'm likely going to end up in California so the last bit of news doesn't really matter at this point, but it would still be quite awesome to have a clean sweep. Thanks a million! 😊
  14. I got an acceptance email from UCSB today!!!!! I am in shock and utter disbelief that I got in to all of my stretch schools. And that oceanside campus sounds reeeallllllly nice
  15. Fantastic news, @yanicus and @Peppermint&Rooibos! Those of you who haven't heard...hang in there. There's still time. It's only mid-February!