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  1. Thank you so much! I've been pretty obsessed about the program since I got my acceptance; I'm so excited to work with all of the superstar faculty! And the community sounds fantastic in general. I'll certainly message you as things come up, it's so nice to have contacts! Re: the bike, my plan is to buy one as soon as I get out there 😊
  2. I accepted my offer at Davis yesterday and sent out emails declining all of my other fully funded offers, so there should be some movement (hopefully) at Riverside, Madison, UGA, Iowa, and Santa Barbara. I also pulled my name off the waitlist at GWU (I was "very high" on it, apparently, whatever that means), so for what that's worth. I hope someone here gets one of these spots!
  3. I accepted my offer from UC Davis yesterday! I'm so excited and relieved. Much of the decision had to do with the area itself (better for me and my partner, easier for him to find a job) and funding (I found out recently that I actually have six years of funding there, which I didn't get anywhere else). Now onto the practicalities!
  4. Hooray! This is great news, congratulations! Fingers crossed that the interview goes well and you snag that TAship!
  5. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that's what she meant. But hey, it's not an outright rejection! Not like it matters, but I started to assume that since I hadn't heard anything they were planning to reject me. Whatevs I really just want to satisfy my own curiosity about the potential sweep, but honestly, I really can't complain at this point. haha
  6. I agree with @orphic_mel528 on all counts. I don't have the same conference experience, but I landed a prestigious internship at the Folger Shakespeare Library last summer (even, I believed, despite the "low ranking" of my MA program, my age, and subsequent lack of experience in pretty much every professional capacity at the time) I think in part because of networking. I met the director of the internship at an event they were hosting that I happened to be at, and I think because we built a relationship before the internship application was due and he became familiar with my work, it supercharged my chances of getting it. It's not the same thing, exactly, but it illustrates the larger point: if you build the relationships, you work really hard, you produce excellent research, you professionalize...all of this should increase your chances at a job down the road. And fwiw, my mentors advised me to choose a lesser-ranked program in which I feel I could be supported and produce a better dissertation in, as opposed to a higher-ranked program that would be more stressful for me and make it difficult to produce the kind of dissertation I'll need to get a job (this was before the new rankings came out and suddenly both of the aforementioned programs ended up tied, ha). Of course, I'm also feeling quite optimistic about all of this. I didn't even think I'd be in a position where I could choose from among several top-20 and 30 programs, so I'm trying not to worry to much at the moment.
  7. Alright, so I finally caved and emailed GWU. They just emailed and said that they are still working through decisions. They've made official offers, and are still "very interested" in my "strong application" and she they would have more information for me in a couple of weeks. So...do I read this as a waitlist? This feels waitlisty to me. haha
  8. @Yanaka I'll message you some in a few, when I'm not on my phone! I mostly follow early modern scholars, but Twitter figures out what you like and people who seem to match your interests will pop up on occasion! 😊
  9. Dude. I love Twitter. The academic community there is fantastic, and it definitely does, as @claritus says, humanize the people that we tend to admire so much (and honestly, makes me admire them even more). I've also connected with a few of them thanks to Twitter, and met a couple in person at the Folger last summer, so that was great. My gap year has been quite busy, I spent a LOT of time reading and writing for my SOP, researching programs for best fit, etc. I'm a first-gen, so aside from a few recommendations that colleagues and mentors suggested, I was on my own in terms of finding programs to apply to. I also got an adjunct position teaching for my university's writing program and a couple of English classes, but I know others who have tutored in the writing center or gotten adjunct positions at community college, as well. I think the diverse teaching experience was appealing to some of the programs I applied to (I know of at least one that couldn't stop gushing about the fact that I could mentor new TAs, haha), so if you have the opportunity to do so, I would definitely encourage teaching somewhere.
  10. I'm not surprised by this. My mentor told me that they've been working REALLY hard to improve their PhD program the past few years, and they're still working on it. I'm so excited because they're my number 1 right now! It's nice to see vertical movement with my top choice, though I know this is all arbitrary and doesn't really mean anything. haha
  11. Hey! Sorry guys, I've just returned from Cali and this whole west coast -> east coast jet lag with daylight savings is messing me UP. I'm quite tired and behind on...well, everything. haha I'm still not sure if I got the sweep. No word from GWU either way, and my portal is still blank. I'm actually going to send a follow-up email today at the encouragement of my mentors, who say by this point it's perfectly acceptable to do so. I'm probably not going there, but it would still be nice to know. Believe me, you guys will be some of the first to hear either way! I still have my fingers crossed, but feel it's unlikely at this point, since I haven't heard a peep.
  12. Yeah, it makes sense. I'm planning to start with whatever school I end up liking better post-visiting days, with the understanding that I have a really good backup offer regardless. Moving down the line, if you will. I definitely don't want to string anyone along, but I also don't want to miss any opportunities, especially because where I end up really might come down to funding. I'd be happy to share what I learn once I hear back from them - I'm literally just doing what they tell me to do, because I don't know what I'm doing, either. Right. I'm starting with SB, because the program has the most resources for my field, but they're also one of the only programs that didn't offer me a competitive fellowship. If they can't offer me more, I'll be writing Davis. I'm just trying to get the emails done now so my mentors have time to give me feedback, especially since I'll be on spring break next week (so that means I'll be out of commission for 10 days, ha). Also, like I said in response to chburdick, I'm literally only doing what my mentors tell me to do; they know people at all of the programs I applied to, and how the process works, so I won't do anything that they advise against.
  13. @Zelda and @orphic_mel528 - congrats on the Oregon acceptances! That was another program that I've been kicking myself for not applying to - they have an AMAZING environmental lit program! So excited for you both! Good luck to those waiting on UNC! I hope they let you know soon!
  14. That's true! I'm hoping to start declining offers here pretty soon. I have my list narrowed down to three (maybe 2...likely 2) programs, which means I'll be declining three others in the next couple of weeks. I'm really just trying to negotiate funding at this point, and once I get that figured out, I hope some of my spots in these programs will go to some of the wonderful GCers who might be waiting!
  15. For sure! SB's day is March 10th (NEXT WEEK! AHHH) and Davis's is April 4th. I wish it wasn't so far away, because I just want to KNOW, but I'm trying my best to be patient. I am also pretty concerned about the living situation in SB. I got a great offer of funding, but it's about the same as my offer from Madison, which is obviously a much cheaper place to live. My mentors are helping me compose negotiation emails as we speak in hopes that each of them might up their offers a bit. The major difficulty for me is that I can't even find roommates, as I'll be moving out there with my partner...so there's a perk in that we'll have two incomes, but it's still insanely expensive, especially if we can't get into family housing (the waitlist is 12+ months for families without kids. Ugh.)