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  1. I reached out to two PI's with whom I had extensive contact with last year. School A waitlisted me last cycle, and this PI at school A is not accepting new students this year. Bummer. POI at School B has not gotten back to me through email. We had extensive communication before and after the last application cycle. She invited me to reach out to her should I not be accepted during the cycle. I'm bummed she hasn't gotten back, she could be on vacation or such. i love the program at school B! I had a fair amount of contact with another POI at school B (but she was my second preferred individual). If the first targeted POI doesn't get back to me, would it be unwise to reach out to the otherPOI at school B? It's health psych experimental so there are not a ton of programs
  2. Say what?! I did not know that lol. Learn something new every cycle! I think my biggest fear (aside from repeated rejection) is my gre score. In case anyone else out there doesn't know this- some gre prep service providers offer financial aid. I highly recommend applying for this! I just did! my gre fear is a harsh reality! I had the privilege of sitting in on admissions decisions for our labs incoming student. Only after comparing scores did our PI ask, "we'll do any of them have publications?" I work within a highly competitive psych program. If I can get that score up, I think I can get my foot in the door! I have three papers in progress- none yet in review but the data is ready. 🤞 I haven't entirely decided my schools yet- but I am experimental focused as opposed to clinical. I will be reaching out to the PI who waitlisted me last year and another PI I connected with. I want see if this year holds possibilities if my application is stronger. What about you? What sort of feedback have you gotten on your apps? Has it helped you in any way?
  3. I'm applying to experimental psych programs, but last cycle I feel like I bombed an interview! Question I felt (at the time) was out of left field, but looking back now, I see that question was well justified. I would have loved someone to point this out in my application before hand. I could have prepared better 😅
  4. I can empathize with your worries so much! This is not my first cycle, it's not even my second, so how many more times can I go through this? But I really can't see myself doing anything else! What sort of things are you doing to strengthen your application? Have you have a common theme in feedback from previous cycles? Mine is consistently my gre score.
  5. I can empathize with your worries so much! This is not my first cycle, it's not even my second, so how many more times can I go through this? But I really can't see myself doing anything else! What sort of things are you doing to strengthen your application? Have you have a common theme in feedback from previous cycles? Mine is consistently my gre score.
  6. During the last application cycle, I connected very well with a POI. She advocated for my application but in the end the committee overall felt my application wasn't strong enough. She suggested that I reach out to her in May (so now) if I was not given any offers. Now that May is here, how should I start that conversation? This was my first choice program last cycle and likely it will be again. I would like to apply to this program again and keep in contact with her. Find ways to strengthen my application.
  7. Thank you for sharing your story 😊 It really did and does help. This online community helps. We share a lot of similarities. I've finished my MA and I'm working in a lab at a very well known institution. So it seems like I'm just surrounded by success stories! It's easy to forget that others don't alway get in so easily or on the first try. It's easy to be self deprecating, I'm hoping to show my mentors that I speak to less frequently more and more progress with each application cycle.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm doing everything I can to strengthen my application. This is my 3rd round. This part is always the hardest for me. Going back for my LOR's
  9. I'm applying this year as well- I've applied more than once 😩 But I'm not giving up and I'm not settling! I've come really close. The last cycle I was waitlisted, but a spot did not open up (it's mid may I am assuming a spot will not open). I need to reach out to my reference writers and admit defeat again and ask for their help... again. I hate this part! Does anyone else? Any advice?
  10. That's a tough decision! Have you tried calling the administrative assistants for that department? These individuals usually know where faculty are in the process and you won't have to feel that you're bugging your POI... although in your case you may need to explain the situation. Your future is important! I wish you all the luck and congrats on such an offer 😊
  11. It's possible, but the grad program said they were meeting to review applicants at the end of February if I remember correctly. Then nothing... This is the last program I'm waiting to hear from, and I was super excited about one of the POI's research. This process makes me a little skeptical about the program. 😒
  12. I know this isn't techinically a waitlist post... but has anyone heard from East Tennessee state experimental program? I've heard nothing. I've not seen any posts either and it's super late in the game! I've called and emailed and both times I was told the program has not yet made decisions... wtf? Why would they wait sooo long.
  13. Is anyone planning to decline UTK experimental phd offers? (I know it's a great program! That's why I ask) I've been on my POI's waitlist since December 😩
  14. For those mentioning NCSU, would you mind sharing which program you heard back from (or your friend)? Thanks! I know some programs have different deadlines and some schools interview all programs/ concentrations on the same timeline while others do not. Just trying to see what's going on. Thanks again 😊 Congrats & well wishes to your friend
  15. What's the format... oh School: university of Tennessee Knoxville program: experimental status: alternate list/ wait listed coping tactic?: I'm catching up on leisure reading... movies... games... etc. it's the only thing that keeps me from refreshing my email fifty times per hour. Got to stay busy. Collective coping also helps (thanks guys). I applied to a lab that was heavily neuro. I have lots of endocrinology experience but little to no neuro experience, so I feel my waitlist is justified. But it doesn't make me want it any less 😩 This is also the ONLY school I've had an interview with. I'm starting to get very nervous.