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  1. That's a tough decision! Have you tried calling the administrative assistants for that department? These individuals usually know where faculty are in the process and you won't have to feel that you're bugging your POI... although in your case you may need to explain the situation. Your future is important! I wish you all the luck and congrats on such an offer 😊
  2. It's possible, but the grad program said they were meeting to review applicants at the end of February if I remember correctly. Then nothing... This is the last program I'm waiting to hear from, and I was super excited about one of the POI's research. This process makes me a little skeptical about the program. 😒
  3. I know this isn't techinically a waitlist post... but has anyone heard from East Tennessee state experimental program? I've heard nothing. I've not seen any posts either and it's super late in the game! I've called and emailed and both times I was told the program has not yet made decisions... wtf? Why would they wait sooo long.
  4. Is anyone planning to decline UTK experimental phd offers? (I know it's a great program! That's why I ask) I've been on my POI's waitlist since December 😩
  5. For those mentioning NCSU, would you mind sharing which program you heard back from (or your friend)? Thanks! I know some programs have different deadlines and some schools interview all programs/ concentrations on the same timeline while others do not. Just trying to see what's going on. Thanks again 😊 Congrats & well wishes to your friend
  6. What's the format... oh School: university of Tennessee Knoxville program: experimental status: alternate list/ wait listed coping tactic?: I'm catching up on leisure reading... movies... games... etc. it's the only thing that keeps me from refreshing my email fifty times per hour. Got to stay busy. Collective coping also helps (thanks guys). I applied to a lab that was heavily neuro. I have lots of endocrinology experience but little to no neuro experience, so I feel my waitlist is justified. But it doesn't make me want it any less 😩 This is also the ONLY school I've had an interview with. I'm starting to get very nervous.
  7. The APA actually has a pretty good article on their website regarding questions to ask and answers to prepare etc. for interview day
  8. May I ask the oppinion of the group? I'm concerned- someone reported receiving official invite to interview from a school and program to which I am very interested in. The POI I applied to has had a good bit of contact with me since late august, and also that individual's current grad student. Poi even read my SOP and essay questions for feedback before I submitted them. Now I'm freaking out that I don't have an invitation to interview? Should I reach out? I just can't believe a professor would invest so much time and then not invite me- they're too busy for that. Or was my SOP just that bad! 😩
  9. Do you know which program?
  10. May I ask which program you applied to at USC?
  11. Could some one help- has anyone applied to East Tennessee state? Their app is due tomorrow- there surprisingly are still Jan. Deadlines. They give detailed descriptions of personal statement but nowhere to upload it! I've seen some schools ask you to email them, but that's not mentioned either. I've gone through the whole application. I'm freaking out. There's no upload for CV either. No upload for anything. Suggestions?
  12. Hi all! I see that there are a few invites for the clinical health psych interview day at unc charlotte. Has anyone heard from the general/ experimental track? Sorry- I know this is technically a "clinical" forum. Good luck everyone! Remember good self care!