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  1. Hey anyone who applied to laurier, I called the Social work graduate admissions and left them a voicemail in regards when the admission results will be out. I will update you when I get a call back
  2. please update us when ever you get the change and let us know if there are more than one round of acceptance :/
  3. I know how you feel, I am in the same boat as you. I know the feeling of everything going bad all at the same time, try to get your mind off of it and think about the positives in your life or watch some funny videos on youtube, that always puts me in a good mood even for a while! everything will work out eventually , it always does
  4. Yea, I guess last names don't really matter. I guess just depends on the overall highest score everyone got that determines if they got accepted in the first round (assuming there are more than one round).
  5. Man, i hope they have more than one round :/. My last name starts with an H. Hopefully something will come up before the weekend.
  6. yea mine doesn't show anything. I guess better lucky next year for me. Congratz to everyone who got in!
  7. Hey i just made an acorn log in and it worked, where did the registartion status come up? which menu tab did you go on
  8. how did you get into acorn??? I dont think i can get in
  9. omg lucky you!! im pretty sure that means you got in!! then we will most likely all find out when ROSI is done updating by March 28th!
  10. LOL. yea, i didn't get anything either. @MSW2MD can you stop being an inconvenience. LOL you're annoying
  11. Yes Rosi is part of UOFT, most if not all advanced standing applicants that got accepted in the month of february had their ROSI changed to "invited" or something to that extent. If you do a google search of "Rosi Toronto" the first link should lead you to it. Click Log in to Rosi and follow the instructions on how to make an account and log in. Note; At this exact moment, Rosi won't work as they are updating the system. try it out tommorow!
  12. I checked the dates of when individuals heard back from U OF T last year. People started getting acceptances/declined literally this week of march from the 20th till the 25th. So maybe expect your rosi to change this week hopefully?
  13. yup i am waiting for the 2 year MSW from windsor and U of T and laurier
  14. Hello, I received my offer of admissions for UVIC online (may entry) today. So the way it works from what I have read throughout the website is this. Yes you have been waitlisted for the BSW (2 year program) that starts in may. But there is a chance that individuals will not register and or decline the offer of admissions by Uvic, and if that is the case and if you are on the top of the waitlist, then they will immediately contact you that there is a spot available for the May entry. You will have the chance to accept and register ASAP to start the may-august summer term and then proceed into the 2-year program commencing in September 2017. If you are not on the top of the waitlist and or if no one declined the offer of admissions to UVIC, they will still consider you for admissions for the individuals that have applied to the September 2017 (You probably remember in the application choosing if you are attending the summer entry or September entry). They will look closely to see if any individuals have declined their September 2017 BSW entry offer of admissions. If there is a slot open for the September 2017 entry, then they will also contact you (mid april) to notify you. Over-all, i know this is a very long explanation but i hope it makes it a little clearer. if you have any questions feel free to PM me and i will get back to you. This is also a qoute from the UVIC website in regards to the admissions " There are a limited number of seats available for May entry. After the maximum number of applicants have been admitted for May, the remaining May applicants may be considered for September entry if eligible in terms of overall score." " After the School of Social Work has made all offers of admission, a waitlist of qualified applicants MAY be created (September entry point only). Applicants placed on the waitlist will receive an email indicating this. As admitted applicants decline their offers of admission, the School will offer admission to those waitlisted. The waitlist will be ongoing and remain active normally until late July, at which time it will be closed and any remaining applicants on the waitlist will be declined admission"