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  1. A friend of mine applied to this program and has still not received word on their application.
  2. Im pretty sure its reading week next week for most universities. Will administrative staff even be working during that time? Could be a whole week before movement starts again.
  3. Just received one of those automated emails from OttawaU, yet theres been no changes to my account.
  4. Just called, they are dealing with a new system so the processing of LOR's are what is taking so long. As a result, they don't expect to start evaluations of applications for another 2 to 3 weeks.
  5. Well, I was hoping Uottawa would've finalized my documents by today, but I guess that will have to wait until after reading break.
  6. I really wouldn't stress about it too much..They will get to everyone's (yours included) soon enough! The real stress will begin once we start seeing admissions go out.
  7. My status has changed to "review in progress by department". Tabbatha emailed me because apparently my preference form was blank. Something to do with Mac compatibility issues.
  8. If I were to venture a guess, I would say GSPIA receives slightly less applications compared to NPSIA. NPSIA still has the brand recognition, so that probably gives em a bump in terms of volume of applications.
  9. I think cohorts vary from year to year. I recall the NPSIA representative at the APSIA fair in the fall mentioning that last year's cohort was about a 100 people.
  10. We've got time..NPSIA informed me that admissions won't be going out till mid March at the earliest.
  11. My status for NPSIA still shows "preliminary review required"..My last LOR was processed on the 3rd of February
  12. My transcripts finally got loaded into the system for Uottawa, so at least theres SOME progress!