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  1. Im currently 0/2 with one application left to go. This was my first time around applying to masters programs. Learned the arduous process that is the application process (LOIs, chasing down LOR, going into debt for application fees, the anxiety of waiting, and finally the dejection that comes with rejections). As it stands, I am most likely getting another rejection from the last program I applied to as it highly competitive (something like 600+ applicants), and quite frankly I think my GPA is just too low to even be considered as competitive for that program. What makes my situation even harder is the fact that I am an older student (30++), so at my age the years matter more than if I was still in my twenties. So, yes I am feeling a little hopeless..but quite frankly I have invested far too much time and effort in this "project" to simply give up and walk away. I will go back, take a few more courses, do well in them, boost my GPA, continue to be involved in some extra-curriculars and try again next season. I've always believed that we truly define ourselves by how we react to failure.
  2. I'd be happy with an acceptance and a $25 gift card to Indigo
  3. If I am to receive rejections, I'd like it to be sooner rather than later. In other words, i'll take the guillotine instead of slowly bleeding out.
  4. Well, at least you can breathe a sigh of relief given the fact that you will have at least AN option.
  5. If we don't receive an offer this week, have we been relegated to the second round of admissions..maybe
  6. Possibly, but you aren't the only one in that position. And, for the record I wouldn't put too much stock into that "status" part of uozone as the lady I spoke to mentioned that my file was all complete and updated when in fact the system was not recognizing that fact and was stuck in "incomplete" status. Call in if you are worried your file isn't complete. Moreover, by "buckle up" I meant that this will be a roller coaster of emotions. For some it will be elation and happiness, for others it will be frustration punctuated by disappointment.
  7. I'd rather class sizes stay the same and NOT get bigger, even if it means I don't get in. Thats part of the problem at NPSIA that others have pointed out, which is their cohorts are becoming TOO BIG.
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong, but that sounds a lot like you are getting an offer of admission, however, they are still finalizing how much money to give you.
  9. So in other words, we are in for a flurry of activity in the coming days.
  10. I did not apply to SFU's MPP program.
  11. A friend of mine just got accepted to SFU's MPP (for those of your waiting on that program)