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  1. Hahahaha that's the definition of irony
  2. I wish I knew the exact reasons why I didn't get in anywhere! It's a bit of an ego-challenge but it helps for the future.
  3. Thanks for the input. It's kind of what I thought, and needed confirmation Another question to everybody: do you know what is the WGS M.A. at University of Louisville, Kentucky, deadline?
  4. Congrats everybody on the latest acceptances!
  5. Hey there!! I was wondering about WGS M.A.'s--do you think Ph.D. programs would feel comfortable hiring me with a non-literary MA? Do you think I'd feel competent enough in a literary program with a WGS grad degree? Does it vary upon departments and their respective curriculum, or is that degree generally not very literature-oriented? Thanks!
  6. Fake deadlines work well when you have poor memory and get confused between fake and correct dates
  7. I haven't replied again because everybody said what I am going to say, but I'll chime in again anyway, because I don't want you to think that my not coming back to you means that I disapprove Usually I'm the "don't follow your SO" kind of gal because I made that mistake when I was a little younger and I regret it (well the first time, because I stayed in France with them instead of going to the US like I should have done!!--the second time I moved to Paris as a consequence and that was of course a brilliant idea!). But I've learned with time that a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a special friend can be a true support system, and that it's only natural that you wouldn't want to let go of it. My best friend has depression and anxiety too, and it's gotten way better since he's met the right guy who's patient and calm and comprehensive. I don't know if they'll stay together for ever, but I fully approve his intentions to go to Canada with him, were his bf to act on his plan to move back to Toronto next year (I don't approve the mariage idea, though -_-). All this to say: if you have two great options (and if people are advising you to stay flexible in your research), if you're sure you won't regret either choice and if your partner is a true support system and not off and on and he's also very mean as much as he can be supportive, then don't feel guilty for choosing option B, NYC! I think it's social pressure that makes us believe that following or staying "for" our partner is rash and stupid, but society also pressures us into feeling guilty when we're single, feeling sad when we're single etc. Movies usually depict those decisions are thoughtless and disapproved of and crazy, instead of reasoned decisions that are not only made out of wuv and stupid wuv addiction, but because we can actually need to be with that person. Why compromise a good thing because of unjustified principles? You're not 18! Sorry for the rant Since you have anxiety, I'm guessing you feel pressured and guilty enough as it is. No worries, go where you can be happy. After all, that should be the goal in life: to be happy and comfortable
  8. Herschel sent another bag for "free". Hopefully, you can work something out too!
  9. That happened to me when I had a backpack delivered to my dad's, someone stole it from his doorstep (and the delivery guy shouldn't have left it there). But it's not even half as bad as not having a book you need for a class. I hope you'll find a solution
  10. I see the Trump joke has inspired someone else than me
  11. At least you're waiting with an acceptance
  12. Was kidding There were well-timed coincidences, but I wasn't necessarily seriously serious about the Princeton one being fake. Congrats to the lucky ones.
  13. I call BS on that Princeton one.