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  1. I love being a ray of sunshine on the outside, and a hail storm in the inside.
  2. @Gray Under Gray it would be really too bad, to say the least, to refuse my position at Villanova! It's a great place I think, with faculty members that are a very good fit for me and I don't think I'll make it into any funded MA (GPA and GRE too low) in 2018, let alone a PhD. And your message only reassures me more! We don't know how these students have played their applications + someone got into Rutgers + if the department decided to help their PhD-inspiring students even more, then I don't see how their next PhD applicants can't make it into a top 10
  3. Thank you for posting that about VU's PhD placement
  4. Agreed! The 0.0001% chance that UCLA is actually trying to work out funding for me because they love me is the worst hope I could ever keep having
  5. I definitely will!
  6. Natalielouise is gonna give us all a little more hope!
  7. Also into feminist/queer lit and the British 19th, here! All of us would be awesome together Dr. Mullen opened a course on autobiographies and anonymity, but she told me she taught it to undergrads. So I don't know if that will be available to grads, too? Either way, I'm super excited.
  8. I asked, too! Just received an answer: 12. Ugh!
  9. I'm waitlisted toooo booo!
  10. 'Nova! Just tell me about my not being funded, already!
  11. Hang in there! Yes, all of these reasons + those who should understand best are a pain, too. People, man!
  12. Again, we make the world a better place! I love the turn this thread has taken today
  13. Hahaha!! Us cat adopters/cat addicts make the world a better place! And that's the perk of applying late: the waiting is muuuch shorter!
  14. Hahahaha, I'll spam-like you on IG as an answer to that incredibly indecent lack of modesty, Miss Prune.