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  1. Hello, My intention is to attain a masters degree in international studies/relations (or related) within the next couple of years. My aim is for it to be from a prestigious school with a unique experience. Preferably overseas or at a prestigious American university (for example, the dual degrees that SciencesPo offer are probably my top choices). I attained a B.A. in international studies from a Big Ten school almost five years ago. I had a weak overall GPA, but a decent major GPA. Throughout undergrad I was a member of Navy ROTC. This helped me professionally; however, I did not venture into any sort of academic research or even honors courses during my time as an undergrad. Upon graduation I became an officer in the U.S. Military and worked in special operations. My profession had its own prestigious selection process and dealt with numerous international issues from a unique perspective. Some further supplementing information: Undergrad GPA: 3.42 (I took some calculus and physics classes that I struggled hard with and absolutely destroyed my GPA) Major GPA: 3.9 (international studies/history related courses) GRE: Not taken yet, will be taking soon So my issue currently is that I have a relatively weak academic background that does not meet the high standards of the prestigious schools/programs I would like to apply to. Because of my academic weakness, I currently am banking my entire application on my professional background, which I feel will help but is not yet enough. My ultimate question is this: I have some time before I intend to apply (at least 2018). What can I do between now and then that could further supplement my application and particularly fill in the prominent holes in my application? Internships? Jobs? Research? Any opportunities at all really Where/how do I go about finding opportunities that would help bolster my academic credibility on paper? Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Thanks a lot for this! I am in fact not in any connection with my old professors as it has been so long. This is extremely helpful!
  3. Are most application samples double-spaced? So is it 15 double-spaced or single?
  4. I appreciate the advice/motivation, that helps a lot. Main reason I was worried was because of the talk that grad school is not like law/business school in that grad school really only cares about academic accomplishments and not too much on background outside of academics. I am definitely going to continue with the applications that I have already started.
  5. I should clarify, that the reason I believe my undergrad is unimpressive is because I had next to no research while enrolled. Congrats on your thesis!
  6. I have been drawn to returning to school with a focus in history for some time now. My undergrad was at a Big Ten school in International Studies. I had a 3.9 major GPA (poor overall GPA because of math & physics classes). I have now been out of undergrad for about 4 years because I am an Officer in the military. During my time in the military I have been exploring multiple facets of its history in my own individual studies. I now want to apply to a masters program in history. My main problem is the fact that I have 0 publications, and no undergrad thesis. I am new here but I have read a lot of posts in this forum. Many people seem to have a 10-50 page undergrad thesis prior to applying, and some have already been published. If possible, I want to aim big, and I am looking primarily at a prestigious history departments across the board. I do NOT have an interest in a PHD program at this time. Given my unimpressive undergrad record, and lack of any substantial academic writing, am I out of my league right now? Do I need to go back and do an undergrad thesis? Do admissions committees take into account actual world work experience, or is it purely based on academic/research experience? Any help would be appreciated.