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  1. Accepted to Harvard BIG...assumed I wasn't getting in since it's been so long a was waitlisted so already told somewhere else I was coming, so have to think that over. Most likely will not change my decision.
  2. Was awarded it in Life Sciences - Computational Biology/Genomics (I think I indicated this as a 40/60 split) as an undergrad! Very surprised, and definitely didn't expect to hear back today! Scoring was: E/E, E/E, E/E, Awarded
  3. Yeah I definitely didn't lie...these grades weren't out when I applied. Also didn't fail or anything just had too many very hard classes and got A/B/B/B/B+
  4. I've been accepted to my top choice school in the US (a top 5 program) and I have accepted their offer. There were no conditions stated in my letter and the university only says offers are only contingent on "satisfactory undergraduate degree completion". I had a pretty rough senior fall semester (3.25 when overall GPA before that was 3.8), which dropped me to around 3.74, and they didn't see Fall grades when I applied or ask for them. Now I'm in my last semester, and it's off to a rough start due to missing so much class to attend interviews all over the country. I'll probably be able to pull off Bs in all my classes...am I just being paranoid that they would rescind my offer for my grades dropping this last year?
  5. I didn't hear a reply yet, but they said within 1 week which would be a few more days for me (went on a different day because of the snow cancelling flights).
  6. This is definitely false. I interviewed at programs where they interviewed 40+ people for 5-6 spots. Also, there's really no need for hostility. I was interested in them. I had a number one school for academic + personal reasons, I thought it was a reach...didn't even expect an interview. Visited, loved it, knew I would go if I got an offer and I got in. It's not some conspiracy...
  7. It seems like more of a dick move to go fake that I might come, waste their and my time (also miss 8 consecutive school days), and potentially take someone's spot.
  8. Thoughts on canceling upcoming interviews if I got into my first choice and will definitely be attending? Might lose some money, but would be another ~6 school days I'd have to miss...
  9. Accepted to MIT Biology...will very likely be attending. Initially thought CSB would be a better fit, but after interviewing for both, the differences are very subtle between the two and the structure of Bio was a better fit for me.
  10. Ahh good to know. Don't see any results posted yet in the database...gonna assume that maybe they wait since the 2 visits were only 2 weeks apart.
  11. For schools with 2 interview weekends, do most wait until after the second to make offers?
  12. Heard back from JHU CS (Comp Bio concentration)...invited for visit after really great skype interview with a POI
  13. Yikes. I wonder how many they're interviewing. That's a very small program.
  14. For me at least, I definitely over-applied because I didn't really have any idea how competitive I'd be, as I didn't know anyone else who'd gone through this process, at least in this field. So looking back, I wouldn't have applied to 11. Also, the plan was that the interview invites would narrow down my choices a bit...didn't happen. But yes, I can say with confidence that of those 8 interviews (7 schools...applied to 2 departments at one of them) I would be very happy attending 5 of them. The other 2, I would like to visit because I'm not sure. I also think going on the visits might help me decide (I think I know my top school, but what if I visit and realize I don't like the environment, etc). Additionally, once I realized how many invites I was going to receive, I intentionally put off booking flights for these programs, so I wouldn't cost them any money. That's how I've been reasoning through this, at least.