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  1. Yes, she calls from her personal phone.
  2. I'm not going to agree or defend, because I simply wanted to say that program itself is of good quality. I get that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth when the point of contact is not a good one (one of schools I applied to was the same way), but since much of the experiences given online in the forums about CSUF's program are centered around Dr. Tsao and not really the program itself, I felt it was fair to at least mention that there is some good about the program. I really am sorry that your experience with her wasn't the best. I'm not trying to invalidate it or say that you are the only one to have it, but I really did want to balance out a negative experience with a positive one about the program itself that not only I experienced by going through undergrad with this faculty, but also by the current grad students I talked to.
  3. I can only speak for Fullerton and Long Beach, but you send letters to Fullerton through CSDCAS and Long Beach doesn't require letters.
  4. I know, and I'm sad that Fullerton has an overall negative reputation online because of her when as far as quality goes, it's pretty good. My friends who have her as a professor love her as a person, so perhaps she needs to warm up to and get to know people first.
  5. Hmm... CSUF Pros: I already go there, so I know the campus, clinic, staff, and already have a feel for the school. Inexpensive and local. Consistent positive feedback from current grad students and SLP alum. Grad students in the clinic seemed very relaxed and very supportive of each other. Can pick your school district for placement. 7 clinics, plus they are in the process of adding new specialty clinics. 10 full-time Ph.D staff, all specialty areas are covered. Study abroad opportunity. I know all the CSUF students that also got in, so chances are good that I will know at least some of my peers. Scheduling flexibility -- can go part-time or take off summers or a take a semester off if needed. Cons Missing out on the opportunity to experience a new school. Program is going though some changes -- staff retirement, transitioning from paper records to digital for the upcoming year, etc. Overall nothing glaring, I've been getting extremely positive feedback. Longer program than other schools -- 2.5-3 years CSULB Pros: I can't really say too much, but the campus was nice and the staff was very kind during the interview. Tuition is roughly the same as CSUF. Multicultural emphasis, like CSUF, however, you are required a certain amount of hours working with a translator or with a client in your second language. 2 year program. Cons: No one around here knows much about the program, so I can't get a good read on it, but what few things I have heard about the program isn't too good. Not as close to me as CSUF. CU Boulder Pros Highest ranking school I got into New experience A research-oriented university, as opposed to CSUF, a teaching-oriented university -- different experience Beautiful location Cohort-model - last year's class' full 2 year program curriculum is available online. 2 year program. Cons Move to a new state. Never been to the campus in person, and I can't make it unless I go after April 15th. I'd have to commit before seeing the program and interacting with the professors, current grad students, and potential peers. Expensive, double of CSU's tuition. Haven't been able to message/talk to people who know or are in the program, so don't know too much about how people feel about it.
  6. I'm at CSUF too. Anyways, just to echo everyone else, I informally asked my professors at the end of last Spring semester, because I knew certain professors had limits as to how many they wrote per application cycle. Then when Fall came around, depending on if I could see the professor in person or not, I'd either talk to them again or send a nice email about it. Both were very nice about it and kept their word for writing my letter of recs. One of them asked for an academic resume, the other just informally asked me what schools I'd be applying to. Definitely have your letter of intent on hand as well just in case they ask for it! You never know what a professor will ask for
  7. While it's definitely in your right have reservations, I just wanted to say in defense of the program itself, the rest of the faculty is not like Dr. Tsao. She's truly one-of-a-kind. But in all seriousness, all the professors I've had that also teach at the graduate level are awesome, and the grad students I've talked to love the program and seem to genuinely be enjoying it.
  8. Last year, they just posted a generic rejection letter on their website. I also read that due to the amount of apps they receive, they don't send out rejection emails. Last year, their letter said "As of May 5th, 2016...", so I'm assuming they probably uploaded the letter on or around that date. The letter is still uploaded on the website if you want to find where to look if you don't get called.
  9. CSULB doesn't! They just want names for references.
  10. Thank you! Fingers crossed for you!
  11. I got in today and go to CSUF. Dr. Tsao calls people who were accepted and somehow notifies people who are waitlisted. People rejected do not get notified. Today, Dr. Tsao called people from 4-5 PM, and I from what my friends and calculated, about 8 people, at least from CSUF, were contacted. There's 28 spots available. She'll probably call throughout the week.
  12. Stats: Undergrad GPA: 3.95 CSD GPA: 3.98 GRE: 158 V, 149 Q, 4.0 AW Experience: Volunteered 1 year at special needs preschool 3.5 years instructional assistant at same preschool Tons of shadowing at my job - individual and group therapy 3 summers of shadowing of therapy, assessments, report writing at the preschool Student researcher and presented at CSHA Results: Accepted to all three schools: CU Boulder (3/7), CSULB (3/8), and CSUF (3/13)
  13. Yes! It's funny, I think she realized that halfway through the call, and changed her instructions to me about how to contact her for questions.
  14. My final school called me, acceptance to CSUF!
  15. Dr. Tsao from CSUF just called me...I'm in!