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  1. Hey Jenn! Thanks for the info! In regards to the prerequisites, were they packed into your first semester or are they spread out throughout the semesters? It’s reassuring to hear that you found them useful! Also, what is the schedule like (how many days per week, how late do classes go, etc)? My boyfriend and I live about 50 minutes south of Albany and we’ve been trying to decide whether I should accept the commute or move into Albany (I’m definitely leaning toward moving into Albany haha). Do you think that commute is realistic given a typical schedule with clinic and classes? Last question for now, is there anything you would recommend doing before school starts to be better prepared for the first semester? Thanks in advance :-)
  2. Yeah getting that email was certainly a bummer haha. I wrongly assumed as a CSD undergraduate that I wouldn't have any undergraduate prerequisites left, ESPECIALLY not 4. If anyone knows where we could take the courses online that information would be greatly appreciated! I'm assuming that if St. Rose offered these courses online or in the summer semester they would have noted that in the email (ugh). Still love the school though and will definitely be attending
  3. Hi all, I (like everyone else) am currently freaking out over the application process. Due to some personal circumstances I'm only going to be able to apply to one school this cycle that is closer to home and I am obviously panicking. The school is St. Rose in Albany and I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight into their admissions criteria and whether or not I have a chance. My application is definitely lacking in the experience department. I do have one volunteer experience abroad working as a speech assistant, but it was only a couple of weeks. I'm actually considering not even including it on my application because I left early due to the job being unethical. My stats: cumulative GPA: 3.4, CSD GPA: 3.89 GRE: 163V, 155Q, 4.5 AWA Basically just wondering if anyone can offer any insight to St. Rose and offer any advice for the following questions: -Should I talk about a volunteer experience that I left due to unethical practices or should I leave it out? I've been considering including it and omitting the negative parts of the situation. -Do you think my GRE is high enough to help balance my low cumulative GPA? -I've seen a lot of people on here talking about reaching out to the schools and asking if they are a competitive applicant. Would it be appropriate to reach out to St. Rose, give them my stats and ask if I'm competitive and whether or not the lack of experience will be a deal breaker? -Should I make it known to St. Rose that they are my number one school (and literally only school ha) or would that come across as too pushy/desperate? Thanks in advance for reading/helping out CANNOT wait until this whole process is over
  4. I’m going to be applying to St. Rose for Fall 2017 and went to their open house last June so I have a little bit of information. I’m not positive if the interview format is the same for spring and fall applicants but they talked about “interview workshops” where they invite a bunch of potential students in on the same day and perform interviews, watch them interact with each other, and do writing samples. Did they mention that it was a workshop? My visit to the school definitely bumped it up to one of my top choices. I'm applying to a bunch of schools in Upstate NY and St. Rose definitely stands out in regards to clinical opportunities. They have optional clinics for fluency, transgender voice mod and TBI (there were more but I don’t remember). Also, the professors at the open house seemed really enthusiastic and approachable. I vaguely remember one professor saying that they often admit the “B student with great experience and personality”, which was reassuring to me as a student with a 3.4 overall GPA. If you don’t mind sharing your stats I would be really interested to know since you got an interview! Good luck!!