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  1. This may be helpful!!! My best friend just finished her first semester there and she loved it. I visited her a few weeks ago and was incredibly impressed with the work there. There is a lot of community involvement in the program, the director of the St Louis Art Museum was in her final critique, they have shows installed at galleries in the program and their thesis will be in the WashU art museum (I believe their mid-program show was at another museum!) She also said that the students who chose to stay in STL at the end of the program are well supported by the community. From what I observed, there really weren't any students that were "fresh" out of undergrad, and quite a few who were in their late 20s/early 30s. Downfall, they're building new MFA studios on campus (the one now is currently off campus) and they're set to open in 2018, so if you went now you'd have to deal with moving your studio during the summer. I'd say defer, don't reapply. I can't imagine it'd look very good on your part. I defered the one school I got into and my financial award still stands!
  2. I was accepted only into Pratt but decided to defer, probably won't end up going due to the potential debt but would like knowing that option is available. Good news is I was accepted into a program called the New York Arts Practicum this summer and will be working as an apprentice to William Powhida!!!!!!! !!!!! I'm so excited to get myself to NYC, make connections and work with Powhida I've been following his work for awhile. (Plus he's an alumni of Hunter so that's a potential good reference.) I forgot to meet the deadline for NYAP, they reached out to me and let me finish my application and waived my fee. They then put me with the mentor/artist I really wanted, and waived half the tuition for me in scholarship and work exchange. The world is telling me this is meant to be.
  3. GOt a text from my mom that I got a little white envelop from Tyler. Looks like MFA 2018 for me! I'm gonna defer my acceptance to Pratt and continue to work hard next year. Good news is I passed the first round of interviews for the New York Arts Practicum! I got an email from Dannielle Teger yesterday to set up getting an interview for summer mentorship with her! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  4. Ah yikes, that's so much. I also got into a good school and I told them I'd need good funding to go. They gave me their highest merit scholarship but I'm still very weary of taking on that debt, I'm in a similar situation of just not wanting to really go because of the cost. I could buy a 2 bedroom house on a half acre in my hometown for that money. When I was in school I talked to grad students I knew who all stressed don't take on debt, and wait a few years. My classmates from undergrad who went to grad school told me the same thing. You got into all those school tho, you're obviously very talented. You could always ask to defer your acceptance if you wanted and look into better funded programs and decide a year from now. This chart is super handy over finding funded programs! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qWCmafgtAJ7376ojOBZhznks0vhn_gjdDiRhCIgzRww/edit
  5. They split their acceptances in half for some reason. Half their incoming class starts fall semester, the other half starts the spring semester.
  6. Congrats! I'm thinking of looking into that program!
  7. Last summer I kept getting emails, like every week from SFAI stating "we still have room in our MFA program, apply now!" I seriously got these emails into mid August. Based on that I wouldn't even consider looking at their website.
  8. Sorry about the wait!
  9. Yeah I really don't think working in grad school outside the school is a good idea, it really distracts you for the reason why you're there!
  10. Lol tell me too. Pratt offered me $30k and I asked for more and they told me that was the highest amount offered and half their students receive no scholarship. -_____- I'm not going to go to grad school and just be anxious the entire time of how much debt I'm going into to be there.
  11. Hunter offers TAships. They also encourage to work part time, maybe ask them if they can help you secure a work permit? The grad admissions person (the one that sent out the email with typos) told us some of her colleagues left without any debt.
  12. Hahaha I got that response too. I'm gonna ask if i don't get in if I can get deferred to their summer intensive since I've been waiting to hear back before I applied to that....
  13. What school is your top choice? You can obviously leverage your scholarship at SAIC to them. The world of MFAs is literally your oyster.
  14. @KatieB1987 omfg hat process is insane