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  1. They split their acceptances in half for some reason. Half their incoming class starts fall semester, the other half starts the spring semester.
  2. Congrats! I'm thinking of looking into that program!
  3. Last summer I kept getting emails, like every week from SFAI stating "we still have room in our MFA program, apply now!" I seriously got these emails into mid August. Based on that I wouldn't even consider looking at their website.
  4. Sorry about the wait!
  5. Yeah I really don't think working in grad school outside the school is a good idea, it really distracts you for the reason why you're there!
  6. Lol tell me too. Pratt offered me $30k and I asked for more and they told me that was the highest amount offered and half their students receive no scholarship. -_____- I'm not going to go to grad school and just be anxious the entire time of how much debt I'm going into to be there.
  7. Hunter offers TAships. They also encourage to work part time, maybe ask them if they can help you secure a work permit? The grad admissions person (the one that sent out the email with typos) told us some of her colleagues left without any debt.
  8. Hahaha I got that response too. I'm gonna ask if i don't get in if I can get deferred to their summer intensive since I've been waiting to hear back before I applied to that....
  9. What school is your top choice? You can obviously leverage your scholarship at SAIC to them. The world of MFAs is literally your oyster.
  10. @KatieB1987 omfg hat process is insane
  11. I'm really hoping to get some actual serving experience so when I move I can actually make some lucrative cash...
  12. That'd be awesome if you got us in contact! Yea expenses would rise, but I'm living on such little because I'm making that much, ugh. I'm hoping at least moving to NY would provide opportunity to not work just as a babysitter and barista
  13. @KatieB1987 aaaghhhh everything your saying is making me really question what I'm doing. I really would like to go to Pratt and there's a lot of really great painters coming out of their program, but I'm looking at taking on $70,000 for it. I just emailed them asking if they can offer more scholarship, and I'm gonna pray I get into Tyler. But I really feel ready to start grad school and have no concise backup plans, I live in Iowa and see grad school as my only option to get into art since I have no community, but honestly that much debt is so frightening. I live off of $1,200 a month right now and paying $600/month in loans is just bewildering to me.
  14. Wow thank you! I just shared this with a friend and found out she's doing a lecture near me next week, gonna try to get off work early so I can go!