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  1. Hey did they email you or something? I asked about my ranking and they wouldn't tell me :/
  2. Has anyone recently been accepted off the waitlist to Queen's or McMaster? Just want to get a sense of whether I should hold out any hope or not lol
  3. Those who got in to U of T epi, when is your deadline to accept?
  4. Is the 40 people for the entire MPH program at U of T or just the health promotion stream?
  5. Congrats! Were you waitlisted at Queens as well? If so, do you mind telling us when you were placed on the waitlist? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I'm waitlisted at McMaster and Western and I still have not heard back from Guelph or Queens so I'm guessing those will be rejections. I haven't seen anyone say they got accepted after being waitlisted yet. Should I be hopeful about getting off the waitlist or is it a very slim chance? Also, are a lot of people who have already accepted offers to schools waiting to hear back from U of T and then will be switching if they get accepted?
  7. I still haven't heard anything from Queens, Guelph or Western yet either. The waiting might just kill me.
  8. So I was just checking out the Western MPH website and I came across a brochure which said their program is designed for individuals with at least 2 years of work experience as well as "Each student brings at least two years of work experience in health care from a variety of backgrounds related to public health". They didn't have anything about needing 2 years of work experience anywhere else on the program website or application requirements and I guess I'm just a little angry for wasting money on an application when they never made this clear at all. Guess I'll probably be rejected then.
  9. has anyone on the wait list at mcmaster gotten accepted yet?
  10. Has anyone else still not heard back from Queens or Guelph at all?
  11. Hey everyone, I'm waitlisted for McMaster as well. I still haven't heard anything from Queens, does that mean I'm probably waitlisted there too?
  12. For those who got accepted to Queens, did you all apply for the 12-month accelerated program? Congrats on getting accepted btw!
  13. Hi everyone, Does anyone know when we can expect to hear back from Guelph and McMaster? Thanks!
  14. by last 10 credits i meant the last two years (at least that's how it works at UofT)
  15. I'm also curious about the HRM program and what the admission requirements/cutoff gpa is. Any current students want to help us out??