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  1. I claim one.
  2. Thanks for the insider info. I hope it should turn out like that. I find this program a great fit but not much hopeful as my application was weak on several counts. Despite that, though I still got two offers from SUNY Albany and Wayne State University. Neither of them is forthcoming on funding yet however. Without funding, I find little incentive to go for PHD at least for now. Even 3-4 years shoestring funding at a mid-lower tier program seems a risky adventure not only in terms of completing a degree satisfactorily but also finding a reasonable job in academia. I don't know though if my assumptions are valid, since I have not seen the future. Only heard of it.
  3. I see. It looks like those who have not heard by now are out.
  4. Congratulations! How did you hear? email or status update?
  5. Could be. As one of the entries states that it was referred to "check website". Past rounds of decisions suggest Yale releases all decisions--admitted, rejected and waitlisted--at once. No one has indicated a decision category other than "accepted" yet. My status has not changed either. Fingers crossed.
  6. No worries! And thanks for sharing the experience. I had received email little afterwards that week.
  7. So far there are 11 entries. It looks like they are real, although no one has claimed on this forum. Perplexed!
  8. Frankly, I don't know what metrics are behind programs' ranking, but their faculty is quite reputable in almost all streams of IR say in security and political economy. I admit I may be biased toward security stream scholarship but I find Kroenig and Lieber truly influential.
  9. Congratulations. One of the best programs in IR
  10. Does anyone claim a waitlist from SIS American? I am likely relenting to believe it's probably not a troll. Previous cycle decisions timeline shows SIS had been releasing decision around this time. Yet the fact that it's only one entry and too a waitlist erodes the credibility it purports to manifest. How come a university come to announce waitlist while keeping the admitted guessing (assuming quite of few admits would have honestly advertised their decisions on results page).
  11. True! It would be gone if it pops up again.
  12. So do I believe. But it did cause me a stroke.
  13. Got it. Will probably wait for a while to unsubscribe. There are not many emails. Only one so far.
  14. Has anyone applied to X department at Y University and received email from the Office of Graduate Studies newsletter (e.g. announcing the appointment of new President)? I am wondering how my email ID ended up with the Office of Graduate Studies? Does it signify that X department has made a decision and forwarded its decision to the Office of Graduate Studies (responsible for final recommendations) which would have listed the email IDs of admitted students in its newsletter? Since I recall I am in the database of X department since last year when I was admitted to their MA program but declined over personal reasons. I have been receiving emails from X department ever since but it's the first time I am receiving email from the Office of Graduate Studies. Particularly, it's concluding sentence-- "This is an exciting time for all of us at Y University and we hope you consider becoming a part of our academic community"--makes me freak out over and over again.
  15. Very interesting interests. The program is a great fit in this area as well. I see several people working in comparative politics subfield with interests overlapping in political parties in developing countries. Best wishes.