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  1. Ah my bad. Also you should add this data point to the results page here http://thegradcafe.com/survey/
  2. How much time did they give you to respond to their offer?
  3. Deadline for acceptances was May 13th (just this passing weekend) so it'll probably be a bit longer before they pick people off the wait list.
  4. No, they definitely won't let you refer someone to take your place. That would be incredibly unfair to the rest of the wait list. Class size was 60 last year so should be roughly the same this year. I think the wait list isn't ranked because once they have an idea of who is joining they'll try to re-balance based on diversity of candidates. I'm sure there's some clustering of candidates that can help them send the second / nth wave of acceptances.
  5. basically same reply as everyone else. they're still reviewing the applications so i'm guessing we won't know for a few more weeks
  6. Well they've already made a few decisions for the PhD program but none so for Masters from the grad cafe survey. I emailed today asking about the status but it seems to be taking much longer than previous years
  7. So it's already late March and browsing through the results it doesn't look like anyone's gotten a notification of acceptance or rejection? Has anyone heard an update yet?
  8. I just called them about this and they said decisions will come out at the latest by Friday
  9. I'm applying to a few schools for Fall 2017 part-time study but saw a wide discrepancy in application deadlines. For example: Stanford (Computer Science): 12/6/2016 NYU (Data Science): 2/4/2017 Columbia (Statistics): 4/15/2017 University of Washington (Computer Science PMP): 7/1/2017 Is there even a possibility to compare offers between these three programs or would I have to sacrifice Stanford/NYU if I wanted to wait on acceptance from Columbia (hypothetical scenario)? How have other applicants dealt with this?